Come here by yourself?
This is really strange. Sun Hao couldn’t help saying, "Miha, can you understand the consumption of a real yuan?"
Miha slightly perceived a horse and said, "True Yuan does consume, but the consumption of instantaneous movement is reduced by more than half than usual."
The real element has consumption and consumption is reduced.
That is to say, there is something really wrong with Miha’s coming here this time.
Everyone’s attention shifted from Xia Chuan to find the baby to discuss what was going on, because everyone knew that it was very likely that this was the ring of Mikhail’s hand.
Corleone thought for a moment and said, "Miha, you try to think about other places …"
Miha thought and thought and then shrugged. "I can’t get past it."
Sun Hao added, "Then go to his place first and then think about coming over."
Miha nodded and disappeared in situ.
A moment later, Michael’s depressed voice appeared in Corleone’s thoughts channel, "I can’t pass if I want to!" Just a coincidence? "
This is strange!
Xiaoyu Feitian said, "Isn’t it random to quit sending? There is a chance of triggering. If this is the case, it will be too unreliable. Call him an unreliable ring! "
Sun Hao said, "It shouldn’t be so. It should be that we ignored some details and didn’t think of them. How could this happen?"
At this time, Luo Pengfei sounded out in my mind. "Aquilaria sinensis reminds me of an ancient famous ring, which is like a concentric ring. This one with Xiaomi’s hand may just need two people to be concentric …"
Corleone couldn’t help but say to Mikhail in my heart, "Millet, you’re thinking about coming over now …"
At this time, Sun Hao also thought, "Come here, Xiaomi!"
A Miha figure appeared beside Sun Hao.
Miha looked at his mouth curiously and said, "It’s really random to come again this time."
Sun Hao said with a smile, "It’s not random, but it’s inevitable that I just thought of you coming over, and if you think so, you will come over!" "
Miha’s eyes are full of stars. "Is the power of" xianggong "love so great? I really love you. "
Corleone shook his head and raised his right hand and said, "Did you find Miha? I also have a ring in my hand … "If you like this mobile phone, you are welcome to vote for it, and your support is my greatest motivation, please read it.
Chapter DiErSanyi Rune Bao
Miha’s eyes lit up and he said, "Oh, my husband, you actually have a ring in your hand. Wow, is this our lover’s ring?"
Sun Hao said with a smile, "This kind of ring was once famous in ancient times. There are two rings: one is empathy and the other is sending."
Because everyone’s thoughts are connected together, the first effect is empathy. At this time, the performance is not very obvious, and there is no abnormality in the front. Now Sun Hao said that Mikhail was instantly white
His face was a little excited, and Mikhail said, "Doesn’t that mean that we can all be sent to each other instantly from the place?"
Sun Hao smiled and said, "The theory should be such that we can perceive each other and then we can display this kind of sending after they perceive each other’s intention to send, but I think this kind of sending should also have a distance limit, and it is very likely that we will not be able to sense each other beyond a certain distance."
Mikhail suddenly frowned. "Great, this ring is amazing. I like it."
Xiaoyu Feitian suddenly reacted at this time and said to Sun Hao with a finger in his mouth, "Well, Master, when did you secretly find a treasure?" Why didn’t you see it? "
Sun Hao smiled and said, "I accidentally found a few gadgets. Didn’t it come to show you that Xia Chuan has found something again?"
Xiaoyu Feitian showed an exaggerated expression. "No, Master, you said you found several pieces, but how can you find a few pieces as soon as you have been wandering around the street? The sky is falling? "
Xia Chuan looked at a pair of boots in his hand and shrugged. He felt a little speechless. He just found a good guy who was very excited. Master said that he had found several pieces.
Sun Hao smiled and said, "By the way, I told you that half-dead creatures have the habit of swallowing treasures. Those monsters who were killed half-dead in the ancient city may fall off their treasures. I asked the crossbow outside the city to find these findings."
Except Yu Sunhao took out four rings and a small round shield at the same time.
Xiaoyu Feitian suddenly lit up his eyes and said, "Wow, there are four concentric rings. I also want one of these. It’s a life-saving weapon."
Sun Hao smiled and said, "Well, you two can each take two. If you have your own special meaning in the future, you can also take one with you as much as a layer of protection."
Sun Hao will be very happy when he finishes his words.
Behold, Sun Hao was very surprised to find that the two men’s faces were neat and dark, and there was a faint bleak breath.
A little thought about Sun Hao suddenly understood what it was like, and his mouth said leisurely, "It’s also that your friends who have been repairing all the way at this age should have turned into a pile of skeletons. Come on, don’t die and live. There’s no way to quit. Do you want it? Don’t I take it back … "
Sun Hao has a lot of people around him, but the four rings are not necessarily enough. Maybe it will also cause dissatisfaction among Taoist couples. Simply distributing these rings at the scene will save a lot of trouble.
Xiaoyu Feitian’s reaction was super sensitive, and he quickly recovered his fighting spirit from the bleak mouth and said, "How can I give me two if I don’t want to be a puppy master …"
Sun Hao smiled and threw a few concentric rings in the past. Then he looked at Xia Chuan and said, "Ogawa, did you find these boots?"
Xia Chuan is now a ghost, and everyone’s original shape is almost the same. The body is radiant and silver, and it has a light and elegant feeling.
Now Xia Chuan has a pair of embroidered boots.
The golden face of the boots is embroidered with light blue patterns. Wearing Xia Chuan’s feet almost reached the calf position, which fits well.
However, a ghost wearing a pair of boots always doesn’t feel like a smell, which is why Sun Haoyi knew something was wrong, which is too conspicuous.
It’s strange for Xiaoyu to fly in the sky and wear gloves. Now there is a ghost Sun Hao who wears boots.
Boots don’t know. After a discussion, we can’t get away with it, but we go on and kill it.
In the following half a month, three things were discovered one after another.
As it turns out, everyone found that this ancient city may have a special hobby, that is, it likes to make babies into various daily things.
Miha found a necklace that looked like some kind of pearl string.
Xiaoyu Feitian found a pair of bracelets, which were obtained after he killed a half-dead creature. The bracelet looks like blue steel and is a little heavy at first. This bracelet is very thick and suitable for wearing, but it is half an inch wide and looks like a decoration between the bracelet and the wristband.
Xia Chuan found a headscarf, a bit like a hero’s scarf in gold.
All three things are the same, and I’m confused.
The main thing is that I can’t find a way to make the Lord know.
Xia Chuan and Xiaoyu Feitian are a little blind.
Sun Hao suddenly realized something when he saw Xia Chuan’s golden hero towel and felt something different.
Golden belt hero!
If Sun Hao remember correctly, Andy is that hero of the golden belt.
So is this gold belt a real hero’s towel? Hero towel is a kind of magical symbol seal issued by the imaginary people to fight against wild animals.
No one has ever seen what a hero towel looks like.
Sun Haolian’s transformation into a purple gold belt has become an important symbol of Sun Haofu’s fit. Will this gold belt be the same?
If it is a seal, then this kind of thing is completely different from ordinary treasures.
Holding the golden hero towel of Xia Chuan, Sun Hao thought for a long time and said to Xia Chuan, "Ogawa is probably a kind of character seal."