Tianyang expressed his doubts in his eyes. "How did you move here?"
He suddenly said, "Is this where Qianhong distributes his residence?"
The bird snapped its fingers. "Bingo guessed it. I told you before that the decoration of Qianhong Room is finally ready, so we will move in."
Tianyang pointed to the bird, "Qianhong Fort has no room, but you have to move in together."
The bird put her arms around Qianhong and stuck it on the girl’s face. "I can’t help living with Qianhong for a while. Besides, my family is too big to talk alone. It’s still fun to live with Qianhong."
"And Tianyang, you live in the same building. How lively it is!"
Qian Hong raised her hand and pushed the bird’s face. "I don’t really want to sleep with her. She sleeps so badly that she always puts her feet …"
The bird hastily covered Qian Hong’s mouth and smiled awkwardly and politely. "If it’s really the secrets of these girls, don’t tell them here."
"I’m sorry, Tianyang, we still want its neighbors to say hello, but we’re going to have dinner later, and Yinglan will come and stay later. Remember to come!"
With that, the bird pulled "whoops" and called Qianhong Wind, which seemed to go straight to the building.
Tianyang corners of the mouth twitched slightly and smiled, simply buying things at the gatehouse and adding meals later.
By the time the teenager came back with two bags of food, the van had already left, but there were two other figures at the entrance of Sunset Building.
Bai Yinglan, another woman in a neutral costume.
Silver long hair, black dress, spring snow, clean person.
Impressively, Miss Jing Tao Bao broke the house and the second lady broke the snow!
Bai Yinglan saw the young man waving and greeting actively.
Tianyang has some accidents. There is even broken snow among the guests tonight. I think of this broken home during the fortress war. Miss Er is so aggressive that Tianyang is not willing to sit with her for dinner.
After all, it’s not the same.
The lady who broke the house was also locked with a frown. "I’d better go home."
Bai Yinglan grabbed her and said, "Don’t come here so hard, and you said you haven’t seen larks for a long time. You have to go back when you get to the building."
Bai Yinglan knows that her temperament is compromised since she no longer insists.
Bai Yinglan took the initiative to say, "Tianyang, can I help you carry some?"
Tianyang shook his head and smiled. "It’s okay for you to accompany Miss Duan."
The atmosphere was a little awkward when three people entered the ladder in a narrow environment.
Tixuxu line
At the end of the day, Tianyang and Bai Yinglan cried out at the same time "Yes …"
Two people at the same time zheng immediately turned into a chuckle.
"Let’s talk about it in the house." Tianyang had to say.
Qianhong’s allocation to apartments has the same regulations and area as Lou Tianyang House.
But Miss Yunjia’s elaborate decoration is much more delicious than Tianyang’s room.
No day before the door, three people came in by themselves. Xuan changed shoes and walked into the living room. A look at the bird wiping the floor.
"You’re here. Sit down for a while. I’ll finish cleaning here and cook."
The bird looks like a girl who grew up in the city, but she is not unfamiliar at home, which makes Tianyang sit up and take notice.
Bai Yinglan rolled up her sleeve face and smiled, "Let me help."
The bird shook its head. "No, if you want to help, just go to the kitchen. I’ll let Qianhong wash the vegetables, but I’m worried about her …"
At the end of the voice, there was rumbling water in the kitchen, which sounded not as simple as washing vegetables. Bai Yinglan hurriedly ran to the kitchen.
At this time, the bird found Duanxue and cried with joy, "When will you come, Sister Xue?"
When the snow breaks, there is almost no fluctuation in the past. "Yesterday came."
She raised her hand, thumbed her bird’s face and wiped "it’s dirty here"
The bird is silly and happy. "You sit down, you sit down quickly, and I’ll accompany you when I wipe the floor."
Tianyang saw that they had a great tendency to catch up with the past and didn’t bother to carry things directly into the kitchen.
In the kitchen, Bai Yinglan rolled up her sleeves and gestured to Qianhong that she was washing vegetables correctly. The latter looked impatient and muttered something like’ Cooking is really troublesome’.
Tianyang put two bags of food on one side of the table and took out the contents in turn and put them in order.
Seeing that there is a big fish in Tianyang shopping, Bai Yinglan is stunned. "Do you still buy this thing?"
Tianyang wondered, "Is there a problem?"
Bai Yinglan laughed. "I’m worried that birds don’t know how to cook fish."
Qianhong doesn’t say, "You can eat it when you set fire to it!"
Tianyang has an impulse to cover his face. "It’s too rough. I’ll take care of it if it’s okay."
Bai Yinglan was surprised by this. "Tianyang, can you cook?"
Tianyang hurriedly waved his hand. "I can’t talk about it but I have learned a few things from my mother. She is very busy at work and sometimes I can’t cook, so I cook by myself."
He said that Tianyang had washed the fish and then prepared the cooking materials. He found that there were many spices prepared by birds, and Tianyang needed them, and all of them could be found here.
Watching the teenager take out sugar, Weilin, soy sauce, soybean oil, ginger, pepper buds and cooking wine, Qian Hong opened his mouth slightly. "Do you have to be so troublesome to eat a meal?"
"This is a wilderness, and you will definitely starve to death!"
Tianyang smiled and handled the fish quickly. He cut the fish head and cut it in half from the middle with a knife.
Then, the blade of the fish body is skillfully cut along the fish bone to separate the fish from the bone.
Wash and cut the fish with water, drain the water, put it in the prepared bowl and bring a lid.
Put down the cover and pour out the water that was cooked in the morning to test the water temperature.
If it feels right, pour it into a large bowl and then prepare the seasoning for a while. The day after tomorrow, Yang will pick up the lid and gently stir the ingredients. When he sees that the fish inside has turned white by heating, he will put it in cold water.
Remove residual fish scales and other impurity after cooling.
Bai Yinglan, stunned by a series of movements, also forgot to wash vegetables.
At this time, the bird went into the kitchen alone and was surprised to see Tianyang cooking.