Obviously, there are guys in the foreign legion who can understand Chinese. After listening to our conversation, they hesitated. I was so angry that Dantian shouted at the walkie-talkie. "Tiger Tooth calls Iron Fist. Tiger Tooth calls Iron Fist. Distance and orientation suggestion. Make the gas bomb fire at me!" I must have practiced the lion’s roar, and now the gun is airtight. My roar can be clearly heard by everyone. These mercenaries must have seen the popular classic film Heroes and Children and were deeply impressed by the scene of Wang Cheng yelling at the stage and "firing at me". When they heard the last four words, they reacted strangely and turned and ran! The three of us looked at each other and rushed out. The automatic rifle aimed at their backs and hit the shells and jumped. We watched them laughing backwards in clusters. "Idiot, you have to fly dozens of kilometers when you hit here as a shell!"
More than a dozen foreign legion soldiers in a row fell at our evil muzzle, and the mercenaries finally reacted. They turned around again and rained bullets one after another. We were beaten so badly that our gazelles were stunned. It was better to roll and climb outside the jungle than to speed up. Those foreign legion soldiers must have never seen a man run so fast, even if he accidentally fell down, his hands and feet could climb so fast! Are you kidding? You try to make a large group of auxiliary armed professional soldiers with red eyes screaming and chasing after them. Try to make sure that you can run faster than us! Now that we have given up the idea of fighting back, we are bent on running! Run! Run! If we run slower, we will be stabbed by foreign legion soldiers who are extremely angry.
The knife stabbed into a hornet’s nest!
Thankfully, although we were in a terrible mess, we escaped at least. We were the most embarrassed to roll behind a huge rock and look at the enemies rushing out of the jungle one after another. They magnified their laughter and made their scalp numb. If possible, they would definitely ask, What are you laughing at? After a few seconds, they will know what we are laughing at.
Hundreds of ultra-long-range heavy artillery shells hit the jungle like hail, shaking the mountains and shaking the flames, and the ground shook violently. Many people ran and ran, and their legs fell down, and then the fire flashed in front of them. There was no slag left in the whole humanized fly ash, and everyone turned white. It was a cover shooting of the brigade-level heavy artillery group! Veterans who have had similar experiences have a little desperate look on their faces. Throw away all weapons, get rid of bulletproof vests and run towards us. Shandong and small Guangxi are bad. With a smile, they turn their rifles into double bursts, one shot at a time. Almost every time they shoot, an enemy bursts out of his chest and falls on his back, while I am busy receiving signals from shells through instruments and guiding them to the most crowded places.
I rolled my eyes. When do you still care about trees? Then let’s just get killed by the neck! I glared at him and said, "Shut up! You’re not afraid of the sun tanning your teeth, and I’m afraid you’ll attract enemies! "
He also mumbled, "Why are you so fierce?" Shandong and I wanted to kill people, and he finally shut up the bird’s mouth, but in less than ten minutes, we made another mistake and said to Shandong, "Guess why Tangshan is so angry?"
Shandong shook his head directly.
He said shyly, "I guess he hasn’t met that female commando for too long!"
I almost didn’t have a shuttle to sweep him! This guy with ADHD will be honest when there is danger approaching, and you can’t expect him to shut up and go on honestly when there is peace. It’s really him.
After quickly leaving the battlefield and hiding in a more dense forest, I took out the individual digital warfare system and pulled up the grid map. Thank God the pilots are still alive. They all have a miniature pulse signal transmitter that can constantly send out special signals to capture the signals. After that, we can accurately grasp his position. The distance is about eleven kilometers. Maybe we just cleaned up the special forces that are responsible for arresting him. We must speed up, otherwise he will be in danger and we will have to play a thunder rescue. This is no joke.
It’s hard to walk. This pilot chose a good place to skydive ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. What’s more, the enemy planes flying over our heads from time to time forced us to learn that the woodchucks hid several times when they saw the shadow of the enemy planes, but the helicopters flew over our heads and failed to find us out. Shandong said that if NATO troops knew about our great achievements, they might nickname our canine teeth group "jungle rats". Bah!
The sun has set in the jungle. Mosquitoes bite everyone. Everyone they meet is bitten into a pig’s head. The pilot runs in the forest with a self-defense pistol. He has to move. Because many enemies are chasing him, the enemy has obviously been burned by the huge loss today. His eyes are red and he won’t let him go. He saw a Belan army pilot being caught and stabbed with a bayonet alive. He didn’t want to die so ugly. His military skills were not bad, and he was in good physical strength. He didn’t run for so long. There are those guys who can’t lie down behind, but they are even worse. They are chasing after each other with green eyes like hyenas and constantly shortening the distance. These bastards are just formed by NATO Coalition forces. The Belan Puppet Army is looking forward to the stars and the moon, hoping for a chance to make a big contribution. michel platini’s face is naturally full of energy and high morale. They swear all the way and chase and shoot at the pilot’s leg from time to time. Anyway, it doesn’t matter if michel platini says to break a leg alive? Yes, their morale is high, but their military quality is almost the same. They have fired many shots, but none of them can hit. On the contrary, this star shot and three people in the forest were stung by mosquitoes and pointed to the target …
The enemy has approached 200 meters.
The pilot can’t run now, and his voice is dry, and there’s not a trace of water. He’s about to smoke, and his legs are weak, and the guys who are as excited as taking aphrodisiacs don’t have any fatigue. With a wry smile, he turned around and banged his pursuers behind two shots, and quickly dispersed and concealed them. His marksmanship was as bad as theirs, and he was the most accurate. One shot was still three meters away from the target, so he couldn’t continue running. After all, there were bullets in the gun, one shot was shot less, and one shot was shot at the guy carrying ak. That was simply death.
Before he lost consciousness, he thought, "Fuck, if I had known this, I would have practiced fighting and shooting in my spare time!"
When the duck reached the mouth, a guy robbed the pursuers without doing so. Taking credit is just the beginning. A thick and long rocket shell fell on them. There was a loud bang, and the birds were flying all over the place. The violent airflow was wrapped in flames and spread around. A yellow-white mushroom cloud rushed up and the mushroom cloud center was 150 square meters. Everyone was either carbonized or instantly turned into a fire. People were thrown high by the explosion wave, half of them were dancing like a bathing phoenix. It’s estimated that these guys have never seen anything with such terrible lethality, and they are scared to turn around and run away without thinking about who can run a bullet in this world. The guns behind them kept ringing with deadly bullets.
One shot after another knocked them down one by one like a whack-a-mole. In less than three minutes, 20 people were reimbursed, and none was left.
Bang! ! !
A shot ended this brief battle. A guy jumped out of the dead pile and ran wildly. A pinch of blood and dust broke out on his back and rushed forward for several steps. He fell down and twitched a few times and didn’t move. Small Guangxi put a rifle and looked around. "Where’s the pilot? Where did it go? "
Shandong pointed to the ground. "What about here? I said, should you remove your knee from somebody else’s stomach? Do you want to crush him? "
Small Guangxi got a fright. "He is the pilot? It’s broken. I just punched him as an enemy … "
As soon as I heard that I was anxious, we soldiers didn’t know that the heavy shots were all directed at the key. During the war with Annan Monkey, 60% of the prisoners captured by our scouts were escorted back and died because the scouts shot too hard when they captured prisoners! And this monkey in Guangxi is famous for his black hands. The pilot got a punch from him. Even … I rushed to check the pilot’s injury. Thankfully, it’s okay. Breathing evenly didn’t hurt too much. Half of his face was swollen and the pig’s head was soaked in the water for three months. It seemed ugly enough. I gave Xiao Guangxi a hard look. "What should I do if I meet indiscriminately and kill someone?" Are you thinking of military court guests? "
Small Guangxi was quite wronged and said, "I don’t know. I just saw him running at the front with a pistol in his hand. He is also the leader of these guys. I want to shoot a man first …"
Shandong said, "It’s a good thing you didn’t kill people. Otherwise, the reputation of our Tiger Tooth Group would be bad for you. Maybe you will be sent to a military court to eat peanuts!"
Small Guangxi shivers. This is no joke. The life of the pilot is much more expensive than that of us infantry. According to the information sent by the head, this guy is still an ace pilot who shot down five enemy planes and accidentally injured such a live baby army. Can you let him go? It’s light to shoot him, but it’s a good thing that this punch missed the point, which means he is lucky, and of course, that pilot is lucky.
We definitely said that we were not gentle and waited on the pilot. Soon, we opened our eyes and saw that our three eyes lit up and gave us a happy smile. Before we finished laughing, our faces wrinkled into a ball of pain. His speech was not clear and his voice was a little vague. He asked, "Are you a search and rescue team behind enemy lines?"
I said, "yes, you are the second lieutenant pilot of the sawtooth shark squadron, right?" What’s your name? "
He is a little reluctant to "ask the name? Are you still afraid that I can’t pretend to be? "
Small Guangxi to the strength of serious said, "it’s.
It’s hard to say. After all, anything can happen on the battlefield. "
The second lieutenant felt humiliated and took out his certificate and threw it to Xiao Guangxi. "Look for yourself!" It seems that he is angry.
Small Guangxi curiously picked it up and took a look at it, regardless of the reality of being in danger. Shandong frowned and punched him. He only restrained himself a little and said, "Sorry, sorry, I didn’t control my emotions at the moment." Facing the pilot, he almost burst into flames. His eyebrows twisted a few times and laughed again. "I know what your ya refused to say your name. Zhu Xiaoqiang, damn it, is there a worse name than this? Ha ha ha ….. "
Zhu Xiaoqiang?
Hearing such an unusual name, Shandong and I looked at each other politely, turned around slowly, bent down and trembled all over like a magnitude 9 earthquake. Finally, the whole person curled up and was about to die …
Chapter 11 Battle (5)
Zhu Xiaoqiang’s name is not pleasant to hear, but he is really a cockroach. He can jump up and run after us after a short break. Of course, we have to use the legion gun from Gaul to bury the local mines with hand grenades. Although these tricks may not kill a few enemies, they can always hold them back and keep them away from us. Of course, the most effective way to deal with the enemy is our ready-to-use long-range artillery to support the digital artillery brigade. Cheng’s striking ability made the tail behind him afraid to bite too tightly. After two rounds in the jungle, we finally got rid of the pursuers and quickly drilled out of the forest to find the nearest friendly troops.
At present, the hundred kilometers around the valley of Saint Tucson have turned into the Shura Slaughterhouse, the Yanlong Corps, the Belan Defence Force, the Batie Mountain Division and other troops. Like ghosts, hundreds of cannons appeared in the dark and roared at the NATO Coalition forces, throwing tons of explosives and steel at their positions. NATO Coalition forces "Beradin" self-propelled artillery, Multi-barrel rocket launchers and various caliber towed artillery also fired several rounds of artillery, dragging dazzling streamline to cut through the night, such as meteors hitting the moon, flying like fluorescent light, planting pieces of dead flowers, colliding head-on, shocking flash and instantly brightening the sky. Artillery detected the explosion of man-machine shells, and the flash was like a group of evil bats rumbling guns, which was comparable to the thunderstorm in the African prairie. Clouds rolled over, and three or five groups of fighters were caught and killed everywhere in high school. Such a spectacular picture made people’s blood boil and unforgettable! It was an extremely bloody and chaotic night. On this night, the NATO Coalition forces launched a fierce attack on the Lumby defense line-it can be said that they had fallen into the trap of Liu Weiping, and the troops were attracted by the British 7th Armored Division to occupy the favorable terrain. The Belan Defence Force launched a brutal fight and surrounded it, and the anti-encirclement and anti-ambush became the main theme of this night. Two huge troops roared and repeatedly collided like two waves, splashing all over the sky.
From time to time, the helicopter propellers swept over groups of helicopters, blowing huge airflow and blowing sand and stones on the ground. The short wings of helicopters were fierce steel behemoths. When these bloodthirsty beasts roared down shrubs and crops and passed through the village, both the enemy and the national defense forces brought the villagers the same horror and fear. The mother protected her body and was as thin as a child. The man took the old man with only a little belongings and took the children with him to flee their homes with a frightened look. The flow of people fled into a long queue, and the children cried and the men were thick. Swearing and cursing, the night wind is floating in a desolate place. From time to time, fighter planes whizzed past their heads, driving more people into the ranks of refugees. The four of us were also involved in this refugee tide, and we could not help but flow forward.
When it was not so dense, I paid attention to the surrounding area and found that there were several people lying on the side of the road not far away. God knows if they were injured or too tired to walk, or simply killed by the artillery shells of the aircraft transmitter.
A little girl was crying and her voice was hoarse, but no one would stop to help her because she was a blonde and blue-eyed European. Adults hated and stared at her. If the situation was not critical, maybe they would stop and give her a good meal. The vicious war really changed everything in this country, including the national character. The former Belan people were not like this. They were optimistic, cheerful, hospitable and helpful, but when the mountains and rivers were broken, everything became full of anger and hatred for their European compatriots. They thought that these white descendants had caused the war. These Europeans were accomplices of the invaders. Hatred has already broken out in many remote areas in big cities. Fierce mountaineers took revenge on European civilians with machetes, iron bars and shotguns. A massive ethnic cleansing began. Thousands of Europeans were killed in a short time, and the massacre has a tendency to further expand. The consequences are extremely serious. If no one helps, the little girl will eventually die and become a corpse on the roadside. Small Guangxi ran over and asked, "Little friend, why are you crying here?" What about your parents? "
The little girl’s face was full of tears, and she choked up and said, "They can’t forget them … They disappeared when the plane eggs were resting in that room …" We looked in the direction of her little finger and saw a fire rising high. It should be a small building, maybe it’s still quite luxurious. It’s a pity that a firebomb burned everything, and the people inside were killed on the spot. The worst thing is that they were trapped inside and roasted alive. From this fire, I can conclude that the NATO military investment is a napalm bomb, which can burn through the steel plate of that small building, even if it will be burned to powder.
Shandong sighed and said in a low voice, "How can you live without your loved ones when you are so young?"
Small Guangxi is a little angry. "Is this NATO’s talk about democracy and people? After a group of European nationals killed by terrorists, they can form an army, aircraft carriers and fight against Belan, saying that this is to protect people. So where are the civilians who were killed by them? "
I noticed that the little girl had been holding a branch in her hand to come over by the fire, and when she saw it, her nose felt sour. It was an olive branch with its green leaves torn to shreds and two dirty olives hanging. The olive branch has always been a symbol of peace, but now it is more ironic for the little girl to wave an olive branch in her hand.
A rebuke reminds me of Palestinian President Arafat’s famous saying, "I came here with a rifle and an olive branch. Please don’t let the olive branch fall from my hand!" NATO has thrown away the olive branch. How long can the olive branch in the hands of Belan people be waved?
How long can the olive branch be waved?
Zhu Xiaoqiang said, "Let’s take her. It’s pathetic."
Small Guangxi called "take her? Are you kidding? We are at war. How can we March with her? "
Shandong said, "This is not a good idea. She is a drag."
I hesitated and said, "I’d better take her with me. If I find someone who is willing to adopt her, I’ll leave her here, whether she will live or not." People stopped by us and looked at the little girl with strange eyes.
Xiao Guangxi shrugged his shoulders and said, "Of course we have to obey the boss’s words." He also asked the little girl in English, "What’s your name, little guy?"
"Donna Mercia Bohr …"
"Stop, stop!" Small Guangxi has a big head, and he often complains that foreigners’ names are too long to pronounce. This little girl throws out a bunch of gibberish, and it feels hard to listen. His horse surrendered and squeezed out a little smile. "After that, we will call you Mercia or Little Donna. It’s too long to say the name. That … Mercia is now in a state of turmoil. You are alone on the side of the road. Let’s go with your uncle. Uncle will take you to find it …"
Why does your sister sound so like a human trafficker? The three of us looked at him strangely, but he didn’t take it seriously and won the little girl’s letter with a sweet talk. He agreed to go with him and rode happily on his shoulder. The olive branch gently whipped him and took him as a horse! I asked in a low voice, "How many did the monkey kill?"
Small Guangxi don’t understand "what killed a few?"
I said, "Look, you’ve deceived children, and you’ve done a lot of things like abducting women and children, haven’t you? Tell me honestly how many children you cheated? "
Small Guangxi is a "layman", isn’t it? It’s not easy for you in our remote mountainous area to find a scorpion. Some people specially try to kidnap some women from other places to be wives for bachelors. Without good eloquence, you can’t do it. Like our village, there are two absolute experts who are the saviors in the eyes of bachelors. I spent a few days with them when I was a child and learned a few tricks to deal with such a kid! "
Shandong asked, "Did you also put these tricks on Li Jie?"
I am Pei besides Pei.
Zhu Xiaoqiang asked, "What about your two old-timers now?"
Small Guangxi said, "They? I have long been invited by the state to eat peanuts! What a bunch of idiots who don’t know how to be greedy when they are too good. Who will die if they don’t die? "
Shandong said, "Be careful, don’t be a goof, or your future father-in-law and now the chief of staff of the rapid response brigade will treat you to peanuts … I will attack you carefully!"
Zhu Xiaoqiang looked up at the flickering navigation lights in the distance and his face suddenly changed. "It’s b-52. We’re dead this time!"
Shandong kicked him off the road. "What a run!"
Chapter 12 Battle (6)