Peng demon king said this sentence and leaned towards the tiger chair behind him, squinting at Niu Mowang to see his reaction. "What? Third brother … This … This … How is this possible? "
Niu Mowang jumped up as soon as he got there. "For the eldest brother, did you guess that Emperor Gou Chen was absolutely in collusion with the nether world? Otherwise, how could he send Jiro Zhenjun to the western paradise without sending anyone? Now he is sitting still and watching the ghost soldiers become bigger in the celestial world? This truth is simple, but he is afraid that Jiro Zhenjun will stop the ghost soldiers from boarding six ideas in the fairy world and take Yang Jian away, and eldest brother … Hehe, it’s hard to say that you were sold by others and helped them count money! "
Peng Devil grinned. Niu Mowang flew into a rage and his eyes turned red at once. After a while, he sat down again and smiled at Peng Devil and said, "Third, I know your temper and you are just too suspicious. All this is your guess, right?"
Peng Devil didn’t answer. When he picked up a big glass and raised a glass to Niu Mowang, the whole glass of blood wine was drunk by Peng Devil and went to Niu Mowang. At this time, he didn’t have the heart to drink a glass of blood wine, just like drinking dry vinegar. "Eldest brother is not sure whether it is the collusion between Emperor Chen and the nether world, but the future of my brother and the life and death of millions of brothers in the mountain!"
Peng demon king with a mouthful of dripping blood to Niu Mowang said, "oh? What does the third child say? "
Niu Mowang couldn’t eat at all. "Eldest brother, you also said that just the ghost soldiers boarded 6 Erlang God’s skill was almost finished. It can be seen that the ghost soldiers in the nether world are not what we can deal with!"
Lord Peng crossed his legs and said to Niu Mowang, "I don’t want to deal with them either, but I have to fight them hard if they want to take our bodies!"
Niu Mowang said, "Ha ha eldest brother overrated if the nether world blindly foolhardy even if they are all mana borne to deal with hundreds of millions of immortals in other five realms, I’m afraid it is also powerful!" In the end, we won’t be doomed. They’re not useless creatures. If we talk to them and help them expropriate the celestial world, they may not welcome us! "
At this time, Lord Peng said to Niu Mowang with a ha ha smile, "You …" Niu Mowang was surprised. "Now the nether world is not firmly established, but it’s only a matter of time before the nether world is powerful and the bodhi old zu occupies the celestial world with profound mana that Sunday. But if we blindly resist blindly fighting the nether world without making plans, the final loss will definitely be us. Maybe we will be destroyed in one hand for millions of years, and millions of brothers will follow suit!"
Lord Peng breathed a sigh of relief and then said to Niu Mowang, "But if we give them a hand when they are in trouble, they will definitely treat us differently and reward us for unifying the six immortals in the future. But if the eldest brother is robbed by the great Gou Chen, we will all die if I don’t scare them!"
Peng demon king said that he was eating and drinking "Rogue" next to a huge head. "Sister-in-law, do you think I’m right?"
"Rogue" spit out two words briefly without looking up. The demon king Peng laughed and clapped his hands and said, "Eldest brother, it’s much worse for you to listen to your sister-in-law. How about your hesitation?"
Niu Mowang is still hesitating, but the hesitation in his heart is not because he has any sense of justice, but because he is afraid of taking refuge in the nether world. If he is not treated properly, he will be killed by those ghosts. After all, he has never dealt with the ghosts in the nether world. "What guarantee can you give us?"
"Rogue" spoke again at this time, staring at the demon king Peng with a pair of eyes shining brightly and asking coldly, the demon king Peng suddenly had a cold war in his heart and felt a little wrong. Today, my sister-in-law’s eyes are so bright as if she wanted to see her heart. "Yes, old three, what guarantee can you give us? I can’t just run to those ghost fairies and beg for mercy based on a guess. That would make my old cow look worthless!"
At this time, Niu Mowang recovered and said to Lord Peng that Lord Peng hurriedly turned his head to face Niu Mowang "Rogue", and the cold light made him feel guilty. He really didn’t dare to look at him for too long. "Alas, I told you at this time, big brother. In fact, I have been in contact with the bodhi old zu on Sunday!"
At this time, the demon king Peng uttered an amazing "what?"
Niu Mowang Teng got up again. "Brother, don’t excite people to swim to the heights and learn from the lowlands. Brother Junjie, do you remember how much I repaired when you and my brother repaired it a hundred years ago?"
At this time, Lord Peng proudly said to Niu Mowang, "Well, at that time, I was 1 million years old and you were 1.7 million years old!"
Niu Mowang recalled, "Hehe, big brother really has a good memory. I had 1.7 million at that time, but how many repairs do you have now? Let’s see how many repairs I have now?"
The Lord Peng said with a handful of clothes removed to show strong muscles to Niu Mowang. A big red eye radiated golden light and looked at the Lord Peng. At this time, the eyes of "Rogue" also showed golden light and looked at the Lord Peng. The Lord Peng was proud and did not defend, so that they could see clearly. "Two million three hundred thousand years? How is that possible? I haven’t practiced hard for 10,000 years! "
For a long time, Niu Mowang suddenly exclaimed, "Hehe, this is what I have benefited from working for the bodhi old zu on Sunday. You know, it is very difficult for us to repair the immortal after one million years. Even if we absorb others to repair it, there is no bottleneck to repair it again, which makes it difficult for us to make further progress. But the bodhi old zu on Sunday has a way to teach me magic and let me repair it for 700,000 years in just a hundred years. Haha, eldest brother, even when we rose in Dongsheng Shenzhou, the repair growth was the fastest, it didn’t reach this level!"
Peng Devil laughed and glanced proudly at the slim figure next to Rogue. I thought to myself, Sister-in-law, you regret it. It turns out that I am worse than this smelly Niu Qiang! "A hundred years ago, you … you were associated with the bodhi old zu on Sunday?"
Niu Mowang didn’t recognize the meaning of candle Yao in the words of Lord Peng, and said with a big mouth, "Ha ha yes! Eldest brother, don’t hesitate any longer. With me as an introducer, Sunday bodhi old zu won’t treat you badly. Don’t let Long Xingxuan rob us first. We are brothers, but he is an outsider. The root of these practices is to push the eldest brother towards the opposite of Sunday bodhi old zu. He doesn’t lead troops and let the eldest brother lead troops to play ghost fairy. Think about this man! "
Peng Devil said to Niu Mowang in a two-pronged way, "What’s the matter with the monkey king, the old third and fifth brother?"
At this time, "Rogue" once again said, "Hehe, Sister-in-law really asked the question as soon as she was clever. When she didn’t know it, she didn’t accept the kindness of the bodhi old zu on Sunday. As a result, she was taken by the evil spirit of the bodhi old zu on Sunday, and Yuan Ying Dan wanted to turn all the monkeys in Macaque Mountain into ghost soldiers. This is to compete with the bodhi old zu!"
The demon king Peng gritted his teeth and said, "That is to say, if we don’t want to, the bodhi old zu on Sunday will do the same to us?"
"Rogue" went on to say, "Sister Gaga, don’t say that. Is it good for you and me to submit to the ancestors on Sunday?"
Peng devil face an embarrassment to "Rogue" said "ha ha really? However, after you invited the old cow away, I fell into the nether world and was almost destroyed. How can this be explained? "
"Rogue" continued coldly, "What’s the son of a bitch who gave you his hand on Sunday?"
Niu Mowang flew into a rage. "This …" The demon king Peng said to himself that since Sunday’s bodhi old zu had given this matter to himself, why didn’t he believe that he had done such a thing again? How could he say, "Hehe, my third brother may have failed to understand your new meaning. He thought that Niu Mowang’s mind was simple and good at mastering skills and repairing at high profit, so he chose him, but there was no profit to kill me, right?"
"Rogue" tightly pegged to the Lord Peng said "sister-in-law! This must be a misunderstanding! "
Peng Devil’s face is hot and sweaty. "Hehe, when our husband and wife come, you will let your hands decorate the nine-yin trapped magic circle around us. If our husband and wife don’t obey you, you are going to take our husband and wife, aren’t you?"
"Rogue" pointed to the demon kings who were quietly drinking and eating vegetable fields around, and said that Niu Mowang’s blood eyes swept around and he saw that more than a dozen demon kings were sitting around him. "Third brother, how can this be explained?"
Niu Mowang was furious. "Eldest brother, sister-in-law, it’s really clever to say that there is nothing wrong at all. If eldest brother really doesn’t say that 500 thousand ghost soldiers can’t sacrifice their blood for nothing!"
Peng Devil said that several demon kings around him immediately got up. "Ha-ha, Lao San, I didn’t expect you to come with me. You know that my old cow has always been soft and hard, and I dare to touch my wife’s idea. My old cow will go shopping with him to the end. Let me see if your 2.4 million repair guy’s skill is equal to one!"
Niu Mowang said that the big stick suddenly flew out to Peng Devil. "Haha, big brother, you think it over!"
Peng Devil opened his mouth and spit out a black cloud, which blocked Niu Mowang’s thunder neon stick. When he was waiting for him to hold Niu Mowang’s stick, suddenly Niu Mowang didn’t contribute. Peng Devil suddenly laughed. "Brother calm down, calm down, think about it and think about it. I’ll ask the bodhi old zu together. Maybe some bastard is carrying the bodhi old zu and rest assured that I will help you get justice!"
Niu Mowang withdrew his stick. "Third brother, I just saw that Yuan Yingdan in your mud pill palace seems to have a crack!"
"Rogue" once again said "Crack?"
Lord Peng was so frightened that he quickly closed his eyes and looked at it. Sure enough, a tiny crack appeared in his perfect Yuan Ying Dan. It didn’t hurt or itch. If he hadn’t looked at the root carefully today, he wouldn’t have seen "how did this happen?"
Peng Devil was frightened and his face turned pale. "Everyone knows the truth that there is no lunch in Dapeng Bird Day, but you don’t know it. Without relying on your own world, who will let you add hundreds of thousands of years to repair Dapeng Bird for no reason? You are so pitiful that you not only don’t realize it, but also drag Niu Mowang to break this trap!"
At this time, Xing Xuan suddenly accepted the illusion and showed his true body. He said coldly to Lord Peng, "Long Xingxuan!"
Lord Peng waved his hand in horror, and dozens of demon kings around him immediately surrounded Long Xingxuan. "Haha, do you still want to fight with me?"