Ji Xiang closed her eyes and at this time she could not see the white card.
Because after seeing the mysterious image, Ji Xiang already knows that she is the god card. The root cause is that it is not this time image.
At this time, the real world has already been turned upside down, and the whole history can be witnessed. Surrounded by all kinds of worlds, there are huge pieces of time. The dead are destroyed by Mr. Gu’s thought, and a lot of time in the future will be destroyed along with the past.
Chapter five hundred and twelve "too"
When the vast time in the human world is swallowed up in the opposite direction, this era is gone.
A large area of mountains and rivers disappeared and went back to the state of thousands of years ago, because everything went back to the Tang Dynasty with Mr. Gu fighting, and all the times after the Tang Dynasty were never seen in these times
But even if this era is over, there are still remnants of the era.
Several vast clouds of light float, which have resisted the back of time. Some people are maintained by one or more people with destiny. This wave of time extinction has propped up a small old world.
"It’s all gone."
Zhang Tianshi explored all directions from the Forbidden City. Now that the emperor’s destiny has not been cut off, it is still prosperous. The mountains and rivers around Tianfu are naturally protected, but there is no way to stay in those places farther away
Even if heaven is the most powerful man, the place where the owner of destiny can shelter is very limited, and those who are endowed with destiny are expected to achieve dynasty leaders in an era. Their destiny is weaker and the size of the place where they can shelter is far less than here.
Shun Tian ying Tian has to be preserved because of the connection between dharma and law.
The South China Sea has to retain Christ’s hand to protect the monotheistic Lord, Brother Jade Qing and Heavenly Heart Mahayana.
"We go back to the Tang Dynasty?"
Emperor Wanli was incredible. After seeing this horrible change in his heart, he could not give birth to any fear, and so did Zhang Tianshi and others.
The gap is too big to understand. If Donghua Fairy hadn’t told Zhang Tianshi that the destiny can shelter the mountains and rivers, I’m afraid the loss of mountains and rivers would be even more.
"Going back to the past, I didn’t have a second emperor. What is it?"
"I’m afraid this is temporary."
Donghua Fairy has returned to Renyuan Emperor and left in a hurry because of an accident in hell, and told the world that Vientiane would be shattered.
If it was in the past, the Yuan emperor would definitely want to shelter chips in exchange for the change of human destiny, so that the hell could occupy Yang, but now he really has no time and leisure.
"Going back to the Tang Dynasty, we may not be able to see the emperor of the Tang Dynasty. It is more likely that we will disappear completely in a time back, and if we can survive it … maybe we can survive until time is turning to a new era."
"How long will it take?"
"… I don’t know"
Zhang Tianshi, the fairy of Donghua, stopped talking. Zhang Tianshi looked lonely and sighed, "If you haven’t achieved Tianxin, you will say that the road has been completely blocked and you can’t move forward, but a new road has emerged. But it’s this law that makes the fairy protect herself. I really don’t know whether it’s lucky or unlucky."
"Immortals have worked so hard."
Traveling for nine days, floating around the world, smashing the Yang God, traveling and incarnating all over the world, and the realm of soaring was once synonymous with world power, but now it is weak and no different from mortals.
Those who read in the mountains and rivers have already turned into "Brother Jade Qing", and the origin of Confucianism can’t be guaranteed, and the sages of Confucianism have also become successful practitioners in the early ancient times. Brother Jade Qing changed his ode and became the embodiment of Mr. Gu.
As soon as Mr. Gu thought about it, the retrospective speed was just a thought of him. It was so fast that he didn’t understand it. This idea has been forgotten by him.
For those who die later, the length of this thought contains time, because they all have this time. This thought is simply longer than all beings.
But this long time did not last long for these people in Korea.
A sound rises from all corners of the world and echoes in the hearts of all living beings.