I left the villa with Wu Mourning in the car, and my eyes looked back again, and the doubts spread in the villa.
Who is the owner of this villa? The booklet with a small mountain village in Zi Shan to enlarge the portrait of Yuan Tiangang’s grandfather will circle grandma’s name with a red pen.
I have the impression that there are movies in which people who have been sentenced to death will circle the names in red ink, which means that this person will die.
Rubbing my swollen temples makes me feel a mess.
Recently, a series of events have made me feel overwhelmed. Maybe I just made up my brain automatically. Maybe it’s because I made up my brain too much. Maybe nothing really happened. The red circle has no special meaning.
"What does Lv Xiaoran want to say? Do me a favor. Don’t always let me beg you." Wu Moulin pulled over and turned to look at me all the time.
"Tell me what’s busy" was once again Wu.
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I decided to agree to the request of mourning for Wu.
If I don’t have the help of Wu Mourning, I can estimate my life, even if I take it in. I still understand this point.
Wu Moulin immediately smiled and bent his eyebrows when he heard my words. He told me quickly what he wanted me to help him.
Wu Mourning stayed at the convenience store because he went to find a child who escaped from Yin to Ren Lingtong.
Last year, Ling Tong and her mother came from Yin with the ghosts, but they did not return to Yin with the ghosts as scheduled.
Lingtong and her mother violated the law of Yin, and they were sent to search for their traces and were responsible for escorting them back to Yin.
However, because Lingtong left from Yin with a hidden breath and hidden body treasure, Wu Moulin found no trace of Lingtong for a long time, even the ghost of Lingtong’s mother could not be found.
There is no way to mourn the convenience store’s foothold first and make it a ghost story for a while.
The so-called ghost mouth refers to the mouth that leads to yin after death.
Wu Mourn’s true identity is an extraditor.
The extraditor is the director of Yin, and a certain area in Yang is called the Yin-Yang extraditor. Once a Yang person dies, he refuses to take the initiative to go to Yin. The extraditor is responsible for forcibly escorting the ghost to Yin.
The main purpose of Wu Mourning in fz City twice a month is to explore the trace of the Lingtong, but up to now, all the Lingtong are messages.
Wu Mourning found me by chance when he was looking for Lingtong. I am a person who should be alive after the end of his life. The natural eyes of Yin and Yang are just not disturbed by Lingtong’s hidden breath and hidden body treasures. It can be seen that Lingtong can help Wu Mourning to complete it.
So there was a mourning for him, waiting for him, waiting for me to trap myself, because he had to obey the rules and could not bother me on his own initiative
And Wu Mourning me is my eyes to find the clever boy so as to complete his good job, and then the temporary ghost entrance of the convenience store can be closed down.
After listening to the fast-paced narration of Wu Mourning, the veins stood out on my forehead.
What the hell is this? I don’t want to know so many secrets, okay? I just asked Wu Mourn to tell me what I need to do to help him, that’s all.
It is Wu Mourning, and I also know that he is looking for a clever boy and what his mother looks like. This Wu Mourning still hasn’t said anything.
"Lv Xiaoran, did you help Bai Ge?" Wu Moulin asked me without saying a word when he finished speaking.
The pronunciation of "what does a clever boy look like" made me twist my head to look at the extradition person of Wu Mouyin. My eyes can’t tell from his appearance that he is different from ordinary people.
"Lv Xiaoran, why are you looking at your brother so much? Tell your brother that he is totally innocent." My eyes made Wu Moulin cross his hands and cover his chest, but he quickly pulled out a piece of paper from his pocket and handed it to me.
My mouth twitched and took the paper that Wu Moulin handed me. After opening it, I glanced at it. I couldn’t help but open my eyes in surprise.
Chapter 53 Yin Lingtong
I opened the paper and painted it impressively, just pestering me several times. The little girl in red turned out to be a Yin Lingtong.
The portrait specially marked the position of the little girl’s wrist with a string of tortoise shell bracelets, which should be the treasure that can hide the breath and body shape in Wu Moulin’s mouth.
When I saw the little girl again and again in my mind, it seemed that there really was such a string of hawksbill bracelets on her wrist. I didn’t pay special attention to it before.
Wu Mourning was surprised to see me. He opened his eyes and asked me if I had seen Lingtong. Where did I see Lingtong when I met him?
I told Wu Mourn about the situation when I saw the little girl several times. After listening to Wu Mourn, I tightened my forehead.
"In this case, Lingtong will come to you again. Just follow her and see what she wants to do." Wu Mourning was silent for a while.
"I’m going to the boss. Do you want me to die or die? I’m not to be taunted, Lingtong." I refused directly when I heard the words of Wu Mourning.
Although I have seen Lingtong several times and visually observed that she is an ordinary ghost, once I know that she is a Lingtong, I feel that Lingtong must be a powerful role, and there must be something big that I can’t live with.
"Lingtong is just an ordinary ghost. It was only when the judge liked it that he was sealed Lingtong. There is nothing to worry about. Brother Wu will secretly talk to me when the time comes." Wu mourned lest I change my mind and immediately added to me the actual situation of Lingtong.
"Well, boss, I want to know if you are human," Wu added, letting me relax and look at Wu again.
"Lv Xiaoran, are you scolding your brother? It’s so awkward to listen to your words." Wu Mourn wronged his eyes and looked at me.
The reaction of Wu Mourning made me laugh, and the depressed mood accumulated in many days eased a lot, but I didn’t pursue the question of whether Wu Mourning was a person.
Because I have to prepare some things to prevent Wu Xier from moving me and Wu Mourning to go to Xiangbiao Street in fz City later.
This time, if I’m not in a hurry, I’ll add what I want to buy. Generally, Xiangbiao Store doesn’t have it. I asked Wu Mourn to park in the parking space on the roadside and Wu Mourn to walk to WangDalang Xiangbiao Store.
Today, the identity of Wu Mourning in too many messages has made my heart start to play a small abacus. Since we agreed to help each other and benefit each other, it will be much easier for Wu Xier to take Wu Mourning together to deal with it decisively.
Walking to WangDalang Xiangbiao Store, I look at Wu Mourning from time to time, and I feel more and more accurate this abacus.
"Lv Xiaoran, don’t look at elder brother for a while, look at elder brother for a while, look at elder brother’s nerves. Say, are you planning to wash elder brother, clean it, sell it or cook it? Make it clear that some elder brothers are better to have a psychological preparation first." I moved to walk side by side with me and move a few steps to the outside to keep my distance.
"I didn’t ask the boss to remember that we agreed to help each other and benefit each other." The lip angle evokes radian. I am in a charming mood at the moment.
Wu Mourn listened to my words and whined. It seems that he is in the compensation business.
Speaking, Wu Mourning and I also arrived at Wang Dalang Xiangbiao Store.
"Ah, little Ran is coming." Wang Dalang’s incense mounting shop was open today. Wang Dalang saw me and Wu Mourning coming and greeted me. Wang Dalang nodded and even greeted me when he came to Wu Mourning with me.
"Wang Bo, I want dozens of yellow paperboards, a box of wooden darts and a box of solid mahogany beads" responded to Wang Dalang’s greeting and told me directly what I wanted to buy.
As soon as I entered Wang Dalang Xiang Biao Store, I couldn’t help but glance at the paper men in Wang Dalang Xiang Biao Store.
I can’t help but tremble at the thought that I came to Wang Dalang’s fragrant mounting shop the night before, heard the strange flutter, and then faced these lifelike paper men, and I wanted to solve the problem quickly and left immediately.
"All right, Xiao Ran, sit down and have a rest first. I’ll get it for you." After listening to my words, Wang Bo slipped to help me get the things I want.
It’s quite cold today. Snowflakes are everywhere and the north wind is howling.
I’m afraid of the cold. I was tired after I was helped by the martial arts mourning when I just killed the neck-riding ghost, and I didn’t sleep well after work. I was cold, tired and sleepy when I was waiting for Wang Dalang to get something.
I didn’t sit on the stool moved by Wang Dalang. I stamped my feet and breathed in my hands to make myself feel warmer.
Wu Mourning carried his hands in Wang Dalang’s fragrant mounting shop and looked at the decoration of Wang Dalang’s fragrant mounting shop. He walked to the paper men in Wang Dalang’s fragrant mounting shop and stopped.
As soon as I came, my heart responded to Wang Dalang’s incense-mounted shop, and the paper men looked at the mourning of Wu. Those paper men paused in front of me, and my eyes paid attention to the mourning of Wu.
Wu Mourning is also in front of the paper men in Wang Dalang’s fragrant mounting shop. After a short time, he left that position and wandered elsewhere.
Because I can see the back of Wu Mourning from my point of view, I can’t know what the expression is like when I stop in front of the paper man in Wang Dalang Xiangbiao Store.
Wang Dalang got it quickly. I asked for the object. After paying the bill, Wu Moulin and I left.
Wu Moulin drove me back to school and arrived at the school gate immediately. At noon, Wu Moulin told me that he not only had credit but also hard work. He could not let me take the hundred thousand dollars for myself, but he had to kill me for a meal to comfort him as a labor force.
I don’t have a problem with Wu Mourning. I put the things I bought from Wang Dalang Xiangbiao Store in the Wu Mourning Car. Wu Mourning and I went to a full house for dinner.
Wu Mourning and I went to the full house, and I saw Jiubo standing at the door happily greeting the guests coming and going.
I haven’t thanked Jiubo for his help yesterday. Seeing that the guests were all at the door, Jiubo walked quickly to Jiubo and thanked Jiubo for his help yesterday.
Jiubo repeatedly waved his hand and said that he should try to stay away from yesterday’s troubles. Wu Xier said that girls’ fights were too ladylike.