"Did you hear that the church was attacked last night?"
"I have long heard that it has been several days in a row. It is said that it was flooded the night before yesterday. It was really tragic."
"I don’t know who dared to do this because of this one thing."
The church has become a hot topic of discussion, and many reporters have followed the report, so it is appropriate to get the first-hand information as the headline.
Gong Sunqi, a terracotta warrior, left Dakelai town for other places at large. Last night, Gong Sunqi earned a pot full of pots, moved their warehouse and finished the map.
Gong Sunqi was so relaxed that he had to rely on the first two attacks. This third attack was so huge that most of the members of the church went out to get together. This gathering was relatively empty, which gave Gong Sunqi the opportunity.
"I’ll visit again in a month or two, and when I come back, I’ll take those blood peach trees away." Che Gongsun Qi showed a cold look.
"* * where do you think the five of us are going next? And will it cause trouble to our families if we leave like this?"
"Why bother when you run away?"
Gong Sunqi pricked up his ears and heard the familiar phrase’ * *’ and familiar sounds. He couldn’t help but turn away and got a fright.
Shui Yi Rou’s four women warmed up Li Sheng. Why are these five people here? Isn’t Wen Lisheng a company? How can they be involved?
"What did you say about uncle? I sent him a message, and then nothing came back to me." Ginkgo wronged Baba and played with his fingers
"Chi-jen believes that uncle will be fine," said Shui Yi-rou.
Sun Qixin said that one of the traitors among the four of you said otherwise, how could I lose the kaleidoscope? The more I think about it, the more angry I get. When I think about it carefully, I’d better forget it. If this time passes, wouldn’t everything be a bubble?
"Follow one of them and five of them to see what they are doing, and maybe they can get unexpected gains." Gong Sunqi decided to follow them to see who was the traitor.
"When we get to Flesh City, this is our tour."
Five people drove together, followed by Gong Sunqi.
Along the way, the five of them went to play, eat and drink, and there was no abnormal behavior. This was a bitter experience for Gong Sunqi, who held the orange star stone in his hands, and he did not forget to absorb the power of the star stone to awaken Shukaku.
In those two busy places that have been absorbing blue stars and stones, they are arranged in another place by Gongsun Qi ‘an. If they are relieved of their two busy places, Gongsun Qi will certainly suffer. Those two busy places can be said to be super-large mobile energy bodies. Once they are relieved of their busy places, the energy in them will enter Gongsun Qi’s body, and the consequences will be self-evident.
So gongsunqi is going to wait until he has settled down and then remove one of them, digest one of them first, and then solve the energy of the other member, so that there will be no overeating.
Tracking the fruit all the way was almost discovered several times, which made Gong Sunqi frightened. "I can’t go like this. It seems that I have to change my method."
Gong Sunqi decided to go out and’ get to know’ them and make a friend, so that he didn’t need to follow them again, but he could play with them aboveboard and find out the truth.
Turn into a country man, a country man with a lot of magic and power. A country man carrying a big bag of luggage knows that he is traveling.
Walking around with a map in his hand is like looking for a hotel. First, Gong Sunqi asked many Japanese people in Mandarin, and they couldn’t understand Chinese.
All this way, Sun Qi took aim at one of the five of them and came over and asked, "Do you know if you can understand Jue Geng’s Mandarin?"
Mu Chenxi nodded. "Understand that we are Jue Geng people."
Gong Sunqi showed a look of "great" and said happily, "Well, I’m here for a tour. I don’t know any foreign languages. I’ve been going around here asking a lot of people. They don’t understand Jue Geng Mandarin. I’m so happy to see you."
"You’re welcome. I don’t know what you want to ask."
Gong Sunqi took one look at their five eyes, and as soon as they caught ginkgo, they marked a hotel with a map in their hands.
"Well, I’m looking for Linda Hotel. I wonder if you can tell me where it is." Gong Sunqi said.
"We just want to go to Linda ~ ~" Ginkgo couldn’t hide, but it was interrupted by Baiju in the middle of the speech. "We are just passing the Linda Hotel. You can come with us if it’s convenient."
"Thank you. Thank you so much."
Gongsunqi kept thanking him.
After them, Gong Sunqi kept looking for topics, just like a hexagram reporter, asking questions about east and west made them impatient.
Wait until after sending GongSunQi to the hotel, five people hurriedly left, and then they will be bored to death with GongSunQi. That mouth has a fight with Tang Priest.
"Wait for a beautiful woman"
Gong Sunqi ran out and stopped the five of them from taking out their cell phones. I’m embarrassed. "Can you leave a couplet? We are all Jue Geng. It’s not easy outside the country, but leaving a couplet can help you come to me."
Shui Yi Rou reported a string of numbers very accurately. I don’t know if it’s still the way of water Yi Rou Lian. Sun Qi looked at the string of numbers on the screen of the mobile phone and smiled in his heart. Isn’t this Wen Lisheng or who you really know how to play? Why don’t you report me?
Aside MuChenxi hee hee smiled, "why don’t you remember my number? But first, oh, my number often doesn’t get through. "
When Mu Chenxi reported a string of numbers, Gong Sunqi almost didn’t shed tears. You’re really good. I can recite my mobile phone number backwards.
Holding two mobile phone numbers, Gong Sunqi still has to pretend to cherish his appearance and say goodbye to them before returning to the hotel.
Gong Sunqi entered the hotel, of course, it is not a house. His current ID card has been exposed. If he continues to make trouble, he will definitely get into more trouble. He will ask about the price and turn away from the hotel.
Gong Sunqi turned into an alley, put away his backpack, transformed himself into another person, and then divided his body into sub-armed forces, so that he could be busy with his mobile phone and Wenli Chenglian.
Chapter 24 The sword refers to the soft water.
Accompanied by four women shopping, Wen Licheng received the words, and the sound made Wen Licheng pause. A pause attracted the attention of the four women.
"What’s the matter? Who is calling? "
Wen Lisheng doesn’t know how to answer. Keep answering the words.
"I’m Brother Gongsunqi, and you are the most trustworthy person of my younger brother."
Although Wen Licheng didn’t believe this sentence, he had to be cautious. "Manager Zhang, I didn’t tell you that our company was selling out and we couldn’t get together with you. Besides, our joint project has not been successfully completed."
Four women listen WenLiCheng answer water with a grain of salt, frowning just didn’t get to the bottom, there is no continue to ask.
GongSunQi busy listening to the words laughed "not the kui is a businessman know how to be flexible, no wonder my younger brother so fancy you, I just don’t turn around behind you and don’t make them suspicious"
Wen Lisheng continued to pretend to talk to’ Manager Zhang’ and listened carefully to Sun Qi’s words. "My younger brother suspects that one of the four women is a mysterious organization who wants to assassinate my younger brother. You don’t need to know where you need to do as I say, but you can monitor the four women and tell me the information at any time."
Hang up the phone, they just entered a coffee shop, and Gong Sunqi pretended as if nothing had happened, went in, ordered a cup of coffee, and sat next to them listening to their conversation.
Water has a soft got up and patted WenLiCheng shoulder bowed their heads to the path "I have something to talk to you"
Wenlicheng a stupidly heart way "is she overheard just now? Have you asked now? Is it true in the words? One of us is a ghost? This ghost won’t be Shuiyirou, will it? If so, wouldn’t it be necessary to kill people now? "
Trembling, I got up and talked to Shuiyirou. Sun Qi was busy behind me and immediately followed them until they left the coffee shop and entered the lane next to the coffee shop.
"I said you can’t be next to my friend, our little couple, if you want to do something," said Shui Yi-rou, with his back to Sun Qi’s busy place.
GongSunQi busy raise corners of the mouth "whether it’s a couple or not is unknown, I’m afraid, but I know WenLiCheng must not have something."