It’s hard to customize
These two pieces of equipment are quite special.
Their manufacturing process needs low-order bright green weapons as the core materials.
The general gun of earthworm and the axe of poisonous lion, scorpion and scorpion are different from many ways to obtain materials, but the ways to obtain specific equipment are too limited.
The ancient watchman’s suit is different
It’s completely forged by refining materials.
Therefore, mastering this kind of drawing can not only build cutting-edge equipment for ourselves, but also develop high-end equipment customization industry in the future.
How scarce is a complete set of blue clothes?
What is the value of scarcity?
How much profit can be generated!
Hangyu team everyone suddenly full of energy. This place is not just a suit drawing for them.
The fall rate of lords is not low.
There are not a few skill stones and green equipment.
Angelnan and Zhang Xiaoqiang were lucky enough to collect a few pieces of green clothes or green skill stones that are suitable for them. For them, the value is very great, which can be said to be full of harvest.
In addition to the war.
Lord monster will release aura with green essence.
In a sense, the huge green aura is much more valuable than these green clothes, green skill stones and green scroll materials.
Hang Yu’s green essence is rising.
The team slaughtered 200 ancient jailers and more than 10 ancient guards in a row, and even Qin Mu and Zhang Xiaoqiang successfully rose to level 11, while Hangyu accumulated more than 7 aura green essence, which reached 1%.
Five aura short? Little problem!
Hang Yu instilled 5 points of aura into himself through the "aura-filled" queen ant, so that the body aura quickly approached the boundary point, and immediately all the essence of aura was released and transformed into strength.
"The boss is level 12!"
"Great God is upgrading so fast!"
Everyone found that Hangyu’s upgrade was not exciting and surprising. After all, Hangyu was the boss of black dragon. The stronger he became, the more assured everyone was.
Look at an attribute roughly
Level 12 Warrior Vitality 2 Spirit 145 … Reiki 5/2 Green Essence 9%
Vitality +2!
Spirit +11!
The increase has been quite large!
Strength agility and other attributes have a greater practical effect!
Hang Yu knows that with the continuous upgrading, it will become more and more difficult, more and more conditions, and more and more harsh, but the effect of upgrading will become more and more amazing.
He knows.
A world like lumbricus
The rank of small lords is generally 1113.
Highlord level is generally 1415.
The governor of the spiritual world also belongs to the category of the big lords, but if he can become a governor of the spiritual world, he must be the most outstanding among the big lords, with a grade of at least 1516.
Heska, the dragon king, is like this
It is estimated that it is a 12-level king level.