The monster hit the wooden wall angrily over and over again, but it was strong enough to kill the lion and split the tiger, but the wooden wall hit a slight gap.
The red line narrowly escaped death and was dazed for a long time until her leg ached so much that she could no longer bear to sit down.
At this time, she found herself with a pill.
Even if she is slow, she knows that this is Master secretly protecting herself.
Her mind was in a mess and she thought, "Master, master, if you don’t believe that I can get rid of the monster, then let me go alone?" If you believe me, but want to follow me in the dark? "
The more she thought about it, the more she felt that it must be Master’s test for herself, and she couldn’t even kill such a monster. She must have let Master down. Otherwise, how could he throw Dan medicine but refuse to show up?
The more disheartened she is, the more resentment she will accumulate. She found the immortal so hard, but after all, she became angry at the same thing. She smashed the golden lightsaber at the local elixir, and then the blade went to the neck and she wanted to commit suicide.
The monster fought back and hit the cabin. It pushed and smashed and entered.
The house has lost its movement.
The wind soul hid in a dark corner and meditated for a long time, then turned away. The wooden house was a method of escaping to create a monster, and the red line was fine unless it could realize the method of Qi Yujian, so she wouldn’t be in any danger for the time being.
The wind swept a cliff, and it was someone who interfered with his rain sacrifice yesterday.
He looked at the cliff village in silence. Yesterday, he created a shower. It is said that there will be some moisture on the ground. However, at the moment, it seems that those fields are still dry and frightening, as if something underground sucked all the moisture left by the shower into it without spilling.
He sat on the edge of the cliff and laid his sleeves flat.
Two little foxes emerged from his sleeve.
He took a few fruits out of his pocket and put them in front of the fox. One of them rubbed his hand and chewed it up, while the other one was obviously more wary and stared at him for a while, but he couldn’t bear the hunger and chewed it up.
"Do you think," he asked the two foxes, "was it right or wrong for me to treat her like that? Can she understand me? "
The two foxes looked up at him and continued to chew the fruit.
What’s the point of telling this to the fox? Even so, it is hard for him to worry about the red line. Although she will be fine if she stays in the wooden house, it is always difficult for the wind soul to feel at ease.
In the evening, he went to the valley again to see that the wooden house was still in good condition and the monster was too tired to leave.
The wind soul took two little foxes around and returned to the cliff at midnight.
He took out two elixirs and put them in front of two foxes. "You have lost your parents and this place no longer looks suitable for you. If you are so small, it would be too bad if you don’t live in the village and get boiled into fox soup. These two elixirs can keep you alive without food. If you are lucky, you will become a fox spirit and be afraid of being hurt by ordinary people."
The slightly larger fox sniffed the elixir and swallowed it.
The little one turned his head, probably because he thought this strange thing didn’t look delicious, but when it was bigger, he threw it down and picked up another elixir and stuffed it into his mouth, then jumped in front of the wind soul and lay down gently.
Seeing this little fox not only seems to be able to understand his words, but also knows that taking care of his sister didn’t swallow both elixirs into his stomach, and the wind and soul can’t help secretly marveling.
"I’ll give you another name." He thought about it and pointed to the little fox who was obviously more sensible in front of him. "Your name is Wan’er."
Then he pointed to the smaller one, "You just call it email."
Wan’er arched his two front paws as if they were talking and worshipping each other, while Mei Er was still tumbling there, as if he was very unhappy because his sister had stuffed something strange into his stomach.
Just do it more thoroughly.
The wind soul took out Taiyi Day and picked a fairy formula and read it to them, no matter whether they really understood it or not.
Ignorant email is obviously interested in his reading, jumping around and finally falling asleep in his arms.
Wan’er, on the other hand, listened quietly and motionless …
After dawn, although Mei Er was reluctant to go, Wan’er left with it.