Mr. Long Yuan returned from his work, but this war has already made a name for himself, and it will definitely make a name for himself soon.
Jin Wengong is the first person in the world to be the overlord of the Five Heavenly Powers. If he can confront such a strong person for so long, he can get away with it. Then the opponent is a peerless strong person.
Zhao Zheng and Gong Sun looked at Mr. Long Yuan with cold eyes.
"Good sword!" Zhao Zheng’s eyes flashed a tree.
"The male handle is the first Excalibur’ Longyuan’ made by European smelting system! The first handle is not necessarily the strongest. Not long ago, we went to Ouye to get this handle, and we will definitely not lose to him! " Gongsunqi said
Zhao Zheng looked at his sword and nodded. "Long Yuan sealed the name of nature and moved the sky. My sword has not been sealed yet, but Ou Yezhu seems to have owed Ou Ye a favor at the beginning!"
"Maybe Ouye has other plans!" Gongsunqi said
Zhao Zheng nodded with a meditation in his eyes-
A flash of light
Mr. Long Yuan flew away quickly with seven people for a while when they stopped at a big river bank.
"poof!" Mr. Long Yuan spat out one mouthful blood.
"Master!" Six servants exclaimed.
Chu Zhaohou also exclaimed, "Mr. Long Yuan, are you all right?"
Mr. Long Yuan looks very ugly "Jin Wang? It is worthy of being the first person today! "
"Sir is already very powerful!" Chu Zhao Hou Ma said
Mr. Long Yuan shook his head and his face was very ugly.
"This time, I have to cultivate for a period of time. Six servants will build a sedan chair and carry me back!" Ordered Mr Long Yuan.
"Yes!" Six servants should way.
Quickly cut off a big tree around, and soon a huge sedan chair was formed.
Mr. Long Yuan was a little weak and slowly walked into the sedan chair.
Sit cross-legged with Longyuan sword on your knees to prepare for pranayama.
"Mr. Long Yuan, we are going back to Chu!" Chuzhaohou asked
Mr. Long Yuan’s eyes narrowed slightly. "Don’t go to Da Lei Yin Temple!"
"Ah?" Chuzhaohou face a change in the eyes more out of a surprise.
"I can’t get the funeral, but I have to pay the price for returning to the Da Lei Yin Temple to kill Xiaohe!" Mr longyuan cold way
"Yes!" Chuzhaohou excited way
What is the strength of Mr. Long Yuan? Although he is injured now, he should be able to recover a lot after a period of recuperation. He can fight the first man in the world.
Jiang Tai, even with that dragon, what can he do?
"Go!" ——
Donghai Sea
Jiang Tai hugged the little witch in a coma and felt the smell of blood in her mouth. There were scratches on her right hand. Jiang Tai was shocked and her eyes turned red slightly.
The little witch has five crossings in her palm, saying that she has been here for five days and draws a mouth to feed her blood every day.
Next to the crocodile body, a large area has been dug up.
You have to eat something to transfuse your blood every day to make blood continuously.
The little witch has been in the golden elixir for a long time, and she can live only by consuming vitality, but this time she is eating rotten meat to quench her thirst.
"Ha!" Jiang Tai’s eyes were red and he gave a wry smile.
Looking at the little witch Jiang Tai in a coma in her arms, there is more tenderness in her eyes.
"Go to sleep. I’ll protect you from now on. No one can hurt you again!" Jiang Tai eyes flashed a malicious color.
Everything was caused by the killer. Up to now, Jiang Tai doesn’t know who the killer is, but Jiang Tai vowed to find out that it is difficult to return it today.
After this time, Jiang Tai’s mind will mature again, and life and death will always feel more.
Jiang Tai, who is still weak, checked that a little witch is collapsed, and it will be fine to have a rest for a while.
Surrounded by bouts of merit.
Personal Jiang Tai and demon body Jiang Tai’s thinking connection instantly understood everything.
The meritorious deeds of dantian are pouring in.
It was handed over to the land of heaven and earth.
Measuring the longevity Buddha’s hand, a recruit, rolling in merits.
"Go around Pu Avenue without changing the rules!" Measuring longevity Buddha sink a way
Rolling merit floating around the avenue.
It’s a temporary merit to measure longevity Buddha. After all, it’s still too little merit, and it’s not the time to squander it.
Personal Jiang Tai let the little witch pillow her leg Jiang Tai grabbed Poseidon fruit and slowly absorbed it.
At this moment, the influx of Poseidon fruit power suddenly nourished as quickly as a long drought in the rain.