A thousand worlds in the celestial world are similar.
Tao corresponds to the world.
However, the three realms in Gankun’s nature map are much inferior to the real three thousand worlds.
Like a drop of water, don’t!
Moreover, life in the small three realms is extremely monotonous, almost all of them are plants and trees, and it is rare for people of other races to see creatures.
Of course, creatures in the small three realms of life can also practice and soar normally.
We can probably find out that there are hundreds of strong people in the imperial territory here alone through Gankun’s natural map Sumo!
This number is amazing!
Once these imperial powers come to the world, they will cause great shock, and I’m afraid they will sweep the whole southeast territory!
Of course, being surrounded by so many strong people makes it difficult for Su Mo to remain calm.
You don’t have to be a big statue to kill him!
"Little friends don’t have to worry, they can continue to practice."
It seems that Su Mo’s mind fluctuates a little. The venerable man laughed. "Now that you have controlled the heaven and earth of Gankun Nature Map, you are the only master, and no one can hurt you."
"Otherwise, you will be damned!"
Sue ink didn’t rest assured to hear this sentence.
He didn’t get up immediately after refining Gankun’s nature map.
It is because Gankun’s natural map contains a trace of the most primitive chaos.
When Gankun’s nature made his chaotic world merge, this wisp of chaotic gas naturally merged into his chaotic world!
Su Mo didn’t find an opportunity to step into the realm of enlightenment.
And this ray of chaotic gas is the perfect opportunity!
A wisp of chaotic gas melts into his world, which doesn’t need him to realize for years, but directly helps him step into the realm of enlightenment and make a breakthrough!
At the same time, the realm of Su Mo Yuan Shen also reached the level of Buddha with the rising tide!
A moment later, Su Mo screamed and jumped up.
A small achievement in enlightenment makes a Buddha!
If it weren’t for the chaos left in Gankun’s nature map, he would have to wait until he wanted to step into the realm of enlightenment.
Many strong people around him looked at him with complicated eyes.
It was the old man who first came out and bowed down to Su Mo and looked respectful and sank "visit the Lord"
"This …"
Sue ink one leng.
In front of me, this is a strong man who actually obeys his Lord directly!
Hundreds of Taoist, great and powerful people around have also bowed down and saluted.
There are still several strong men in the crowd who stand upright with their heads held high and frown slightly, with some reluctance.
You can see the surrounding situation. These statues also bowed their heads slightly.
The strong in the Imperial Road are all like this, and many Buddha and venerable persons around them also hurriedly bowed down and called the Lord.
"What do you mean?"
Su Mohen asked
He refined Gankun’s nature map. This world is equal to controlling the life and death of all creatures in the small three realms.
It’s reasonable to have some ministers.
But looking at the faces of most strong people seems to be more from the heart than from coercion.
The old man said, "Old Lin Meng and I are all people in the holy land of chaos."
"The chaotic holy land was shattered because of a catastrophe in the world more than 6 billion years ago, and the Lord died and several saints fell."
"When the Lord died, he was worried that the holy land would be destroyed, so we sent some people in the holy land to his sacred relic Gankun and sealed it up."
When I heard this, Su Mo suddenly asked, "Was the chaotic Lord a chaotic violet?"
"What chaotic violet?"
Lin Mengzun leng some vacant slightly shook his head and said, "The Lord is the natural violet and the achievement is the natural avenue."
Sue ink rises a little doubt in my heart.
Look at Lin Mengzun’s face. It seems that he doesn’t understand chaotic violet.
In those days, the chaotic Lord was also an accident violet.
Su Mo suddenly thought that there was chaos and violet, and he also appeared in his own memory and black robe population!
There is no chaotic violet in ancient books.
Don’t chaotic violet even know how to respect such a strong man?
Su Mo can be sure that the chaotic violet was broken in the great turmoil more than six billion years ago, so it was divided into four parts.
The chaotic Lord is the violet of nature.
So what role did Chaos Violet play in that big robbery?
"Lord, shall I continue?"
Limon statue see Sue ink thoughtfully tried not language asked.
Su Mo nodded.
Lin Mengzun said, "The Lord sent us to the Gankun Nature Map and left a message. If anyone can refine this map in the future, it will be our new Lord and the new Lord of the chaotic holy land!"