Moreover, Wu Daozun found that Fox Xiu was not weak, and he had already cultivated to the real heaven and man period!
This cultivation speed is one of the top among his old friends when the day is short.
"All right"
Wu Daozun patted the fox on the back and said, "Get up."
Fox still buried his head in Wu Daozun’s arms and refused to get up and put his arms around his waist as if he were afraid that Wu Daozun would run away.
Wu Daozun smiled and said, "I will stay in the wild for a long time and I will not leave casually."
Fox heard that his arms were loose.
Then the little fox transformed himself into a human figure and dived into the arms of Wudao Zun, just like burying a dragon at the bottom of the valley.
Most of them are hiding in budo Zun’s chest clothes, revealing a hairy head and looking up at budo Zun’s watery eyes outside.
Wu Daozun didn’t say anything about her.
Until now, the tiger three talents gather together.
Tiger joked, "Fox, you are so biased. We haven’t seen each other for a long time without even saying hello."
Fox hum a tiger said hello.
"Too perfunctory!"
Tiger rolled his eyes.
I don’t know how many years have passed since the five of them were reunited in the wild. It’s a long story over the years.
Even so, there are two of their seven brothers who can’t fall.
Five people gather together, but there is a lack of monkeys and night spirits, and five people will not look worried when talking.
Tiger, Qingqing, Golden Lion and Little Fox have stayed in the wild ever since they soared.
Unlike budo Zun, he has gone through many interfaces.
Yu Hou and Ye Ling have no news.
Wu Daozun said, "The Night Spirit does have some clues. He once appeared in the battlefield of celestial evil spirits and then disappeared."
Wu Daozun will tell some news about the night spirit heard in Fengtian.
"Night spirit combat power means even if it is in the three thousand circles, it should not encounter any danger."
Wu Daozun said, "The monkey has no clue yet, but I guess he should be in the blood ape world."
Monkeys belong to the blood ape family. If there is no great famine, it is most likely to come to the blood ape world!
Although the blood ape world is not a super world, there are also strong emperors!
There should be no danger in the monkey blood ape world.
However, if their brothers want to meet again, they don’t know when to wait.
Wudao Zun Tiger chatted for a day and a night in a big account.
When five people meet after a long separation, they will not feel tired even if they talk for a year and a half.
However, the wild crisis has not been lifted, and Budao Zun Xin Butterfly Moon has not stayed for too long.
The next day, Wudao Zun was closed from the Qingqiu Mountains.
If you want to help Butterfly Moon and help the East Wilderness to tide over the crisis, you must improve your realm!
Chapter two thousand nine hundred and fifty Flower people
For budo Zun, the future of budo is clear.
All laws lead to one goal, and all roads lead to the same goal. After the martial territory, it is the imperial territory.
However, the emperor’s territory is a big realm after all.
It is difficult to step into the emperor’s territory.
Wu Daozun must first transform his Yuan Wu cave and Wu Daopurgatory into a world power.
Only when you become a quasi-emperor first can you have a chance to really step into the emperor’s territory!
Wu Daozun has no intention of refining the fragments of the world.