"In that case, let’s go together," Wang Shan said. "Wang He, you take two people to find a carriage, and we’ll travel overnight to try to feel better about Juxian Village and see Miss Arjun earlier."
"Good Shan Ge" Wang He got up and left the inn with two martial arts brothers.
Soon Wang He found a bright carriage for Xiao Feng to sit with Ah Zhu.
A few people took Zhu overnight.
"Shan Ge Qiao Feng is an enemy of Wulin after all. Although we haven’t checked whether he is the real murderer or not, it’s even bad that we were rashly seen by his fellow Wulin friends together with him." Wang He said to Wang Shan on horseback.
Wang Shan took a look at the carriage trail. "We have to do is to have a clear conscience. Who is Qiao Feng and we don’t have it? The most important thing now is to save Miss Arjun. If anything happens to Miss Arjun, we can’t talk to Wang Yue and A Bi when we get back. After all, A Bi regards Arjun as her own sister. Besides, do we have to look at others’ faces? Hum "
Wang Shanshen showed great confidence.
Wang Yue is the anchor of the martial arts museum. There is nothing to be afraid of if you have him.
One night on the road, I finally felt Juxian Village early the next day.
See Wang Shan Avenue in Juxianzhuang "Here we are!"
Wang Shan and Wang He took the Sagittarius Avenue "Suzhou Martial Arts Museum Wang Shan and Wang He visited Xue Shenyi"
Xue Muhua and You’s brothers came out to meet them with Wulin heroes.
"It’s great that the heroes in the martial arts museum feel it," Youju said happily.
Xue Muhua looked at it and didn’t find Wang Yue’s figure. "Didn’t your owner come?"
Wang Shan laughed. "The owner has something to delay. We are here this time."
I heard that Wang Yue couldn’t come to Xue Muhua, and there was a flash of regret in my heart.
Does Wang Yue know martial arts? If Qiao Feng and Mu Fu have him, Qiao Feng will be killed.
"Okay, everyone, please!" Xue Muhua said.
At this time, Qiao Feng came out of the carriage with Arju.
Qiao Feng!’ Heroes shocked way
They never imagined that Qiao Feng would be with the Suzhou Martial Arts Museum.
"Qiao Feng, you, the Liao thief, dare to show up today, but it’s only because of the crusade that you have gathered in Juxian Village. Today, you must be trapped," said a Shaolin monk with a martial arts expert to Qiao Fengwei.
Qiao Feng turned a blind eye to the murderous heroes around Dasheng Wulin. He held Arjun and walked up to Xue Muhua and said, "Qiao Feng came here to ask Arjun to treat her, but he hoped that Qiao Feng and the heroes would naturally solve the problem after Xue Imperial Doctor saved her."
Xue Muhua sneered, "If someone comes with this girl, I will definitely save it, but I will never save it if you and Qiao Feng bring it."
Qiao Feng Avenue "It is said that Xue Imperial Doctor needs martial arts to cure diseases in exchange for Qiao Feng’s incompetence, but he knows that there are many martial arts to help Xue Imperial Doctor. Qiao Feng can grant Xue Imperial Doctor several sets of martial arts."
Chapter 24 dear John’s wine
Xue Muhua might have promised Qiao Feng if he hadn’t got the martial arts skill of Jiaquan, but now he already has Jiaquan, and after several years of practicing Xue Muhua, he has developed the dark martial arts. The Jianghu is also a first-class place, and he is not tempted by Qiao Feng’s martial arts.
Xue Muhua contemptuously, "what can you give me? I treated Wang Yue Shaoxia’s father, but Wang Shaoxia gave my family boxing skills. Is there any martial arts stronger than family boxing in Qiao Feng? "
Qiao Feng didn’t expect Xue Muhua to be a family boxing, but he is as famous as Shaolin Yijinjing and kingdom of dali’s Six-pulse Excalibur. Qiao Fengshen has a set of dragons and ten palms, which can be compared with family boxing, but dragons and ten palms are a beggar’s sect. Qiao Feng must not be outside.
Qiao Feng asked, "If you don’t rescue Zhu, I will definitely kill you. If you want to live, you can save Zhu’s life for another. It’s fair. I don’t know if Dr. Xue is willing to do this business. I want you to rescue Zhu. Even if you kill many people in the future, Qiao Feng won’t treat Dr. Xue like you."
Qiao Feng also has no choice but to threaten.
Arjun’s situation is not optimistic now. If you treat him earlier, you will be safe earlier, otherwise the longer you wait, the more dangerous it will be.