Su Mo was puzzled and went in.
"Two male?"
"Er Gong is back!"
See Su Mo Su Fu middleman hurriedly called a little while Su Hong marched out to meet them.
"Mo, are you okay?"
Su Hong grabbed Su Mo’s shoulder and looked at him.
"I’m fine." Sumo shook his head and asked, "Why don’t you have Tianbao Pavilion?"
Song Qi said, "We were going to leave Pingyang Town, but suddenly a woman in a red robe appeared and stopped us."
It seems that I think of this scene again. Song Ji’s eyes reveal a deep shock and say, "This woman would be strong and can leave the ground without the help of foreign objects. This is also the lowest monk then! She told us to wait here and she would bring you back. "
"Then then she disappeared before our eyes!"
Speaking of this, the eyes of Su Fu people are still hard to hide their astonishment.
Su Mo hung his head and no one noticed the loneliness and sadness in his eyes.
"That woman in Mo is your master, right?"
Su Fu people vaguely guessed that Su Mo could be transformed from a weak student to a strong one who could slay the practitioners. It must be because of the mysterious woman.
"She is not my master."
Sue ink shook her head.
Although Butterfly Moon taught him to cultivate demons, Su Mo never regarded Butterfly Moon as a master.
"That this girl, how can we Sue’s family thank her? We can’t neglect others." Su Hong asked again.
"She’s gone."
Su Mo said lightly
Everyone is silent.
Su Mo tidied up his mood and smiled and asked, "What are your plans for the big brother to pick you up?"
Su’s family is in a special situation. Yan can’t go to Qi, and they can leave their homes and settle in other vassal countries.
"I don’t know"
Su Hong sighed lightly and looked at the direction of Yan, whispering, "My heart is reluctant after all."
Just then, an armored cavalry galloped from a distance and shouted, "Tell the Duke of Yan that the army is coming and the dust is rolling, to say the least, there are hundreds of thousands of people who have fixed the truth!"
Chapter 53 Su Hong sealing the king
"Yan Guo army?"
Su Hong frowned and wondered, "The first thing for the leader of the Yan state group is to choose a new king to stabilize the army. How can the army attack?"
"It doesn’t make sense."
Zheng Bo also shook his head. "Hundreds of thousands of soldiers and horses are almost the entire strength of Yan State, so Sue’s home is not there, right?"
"fix the truth?"
Su Mo’s eyes flashed a cold light and thought, "It must be Huanxi Sect!"
Ten days ago, Huanxi Zong sent more than 100 practitioners to kill Su Mo. As a result, Huanxi Zong could not swallow this tone in the Cang Lang Mountains.
What’s more, there is almost no friendship between Su Jia and Su Mo in the realm of repairing truth. The only enemy is a happy Sect.