"Being immortal in the world of mortals."
Lu Chen simply said that he sat there leisurely and took a sip of tea.
It’s even more shocking to see that Liu Chen doesn’t lie because of the dust shortage.
Wang, I may have met some amazing people on this trip.
If what Lu Chen said is true, wouldn’t he break the barrier of ancient law and achieve peerless combat power without relying on the law of fairy land? ?
I’m afraid such a person is not limited by combat power even in a foreign country, right?
It suddenly occurred to him that his father warned him that when he was young, he practiced. His father gave him a guess that he could try to practice without relying on the laws of heaven and earth.
But he didn’t listen to his father because he practiced smoothly. Do you want to reject him?
I didn’t know my father’s kindness until I met Liu Chen in a foreign country.
Is this road feasible? ? Even the breakthrough into immortality is not restricted?
Lu Chen didn’t know what was going on in the dusty heart, but he also guessed from the change of expression. "Daoyou, I have lived in the mountains for a long time, but I don’t know much about today’s general trend. Can you please tell me something?"
"Taoist friends are really outstanding people in the world. It must have taken a lot of tempering to get today’s practice. It means that I still have some doubts before the general trend, and I want to ask Taoist friends to answer them."
Dust waste fuels Lu Chen, a man who goes against the fate by his own strength, has some admiration.
"Brother Dust, please speak."
Lu Chen nodded.
"I wonder if there are two things that might upset Brother Lu, but I’m still curious about how many bloody battles you’ve experienced?"
Dust shortage is euphemistic. He wants to say it’s slaughter, but he doesn’t think Lu Chen’s polite speech is like a big killer. Maybe there is a misunderstanding.
But he thinks that Lu Chen must have experienced a lot of bloody battles, but how can it be that the strong man has experienced a big war for nine days and ten places?
Chapter one thousand three hundred and twenty Can’t immortal truth
Seeing that Lu Chen’s face remained unchanged, the dust shortage continued, "This is the real dragon … What is the origin of the practitioner?"
He felt that the dharma practiced by the real dragon in front of him was different from what he knew. Maybe it was really not the real dragon clan in Fairyland. He couldn’t say that the other party was a mount, so he called it a practitioner for short.
Lu Chen has already explained this matter. This time, he entered this world through props and did not give him special status.
Or if he has an identity, he is. He is the law to explain to people of this era.
With his strength to a certain extent, everything will be connected in series to let all beings.
He "frankly" said, "I did go through many wars, but my friends in this field didn’t know."
Dust drought face surprised "have you ever been to … that place! ?”
As a fairy king, he naturally knows something more or less, but his father didn’t tell him in detail, but he knows that somewhere can reverse the chaos of time and cause and effect through the poor world.
Liu Chen nodded, "When I was young, I mistakenly entered and recently returned."
So he didn’t say how he got into a mistake and let the other party guess for himself. Although it is somewhat far-fetched, it is not that similar things have never happened in history.
The boundary sea is vast, and there are always some waves that will sweep around the edge. If someone can get close to the boundary sea and has certain strength and luck, it is not necessarily that he can safely enter a small world.
"Is that so … it’s no wonder that Brother Lu said that immortality in the world of mortals must not be here?"
The dust shortage is a little clear, and you can experience the world war and understand the world of mortals in detail. If there is such a person in nine days and ten places, no one will know that Lu Chen is not immortal here.
"That’s true. When I became an immortal, I was in nine days and ten places now."
Lu Chen looked at this piece of heaven and earth mountains and rivers lightly, saying that he didn’t lie. If you understand it, it depends on what he thinks.
"So is this real dragon?"
Dust shortage at little golden dragon doubt way
Lu Chen nodded. "I don’t know if I met a world. We fought side by side today."
The dust shortage is somewhat relieved. Although I am curious about how Lu Chen has taken risks, I also know that I have too many problems today.
If what Liu Chen said is true, it is normal that he doesn’t understand the situation in today’s nine days and ten places, because the other party is not necessarily from this era.
"Brother Liu is really lucky to be able to return."
Dust shortage regrets that it is a miracle that Liu Chen can come back from that place if he really strayed into his father.
Because according to my father, you can’t go near that place until Xianwangxiu.
"Brother Chen, if you have dispelled your worries, can I answer one or two questions?"
There are many puzzles hidden in Lu Chen’s heart. There are some things that are different from his original expected analysis in this era. He needs to find out what is going on.
For example, the origin of the name of the practitioner, such as the important memorabilia in history known by the dust shortage, such as nine days and ten places, people can become immortals