I don’t know how many tianjiao will be buried in this ruin from now on.
A monk who looks like a blue in the crypt in the depths of the palace is waking up from a retreat and slowly opening his eyes.
Brother Blue whispered a calm look, and his brow faintly showed the intention of war!
Chapter five hundred and forty-seven Uber arrival
Su Mo grew up and accidentally shocked the little fox nestled beside him.
Fox sat up and rubbed his sleepy consciousness and looked at Su Mo.
This look at the little fox instantly refreshed.
A little fox blushed and quickly bowed his head and put out his paws to cover his eyes. There was a complaint in his heart that "smelly and undressed!"
See Su Mo take off the blue to reveal the almost perfect body.
Su Mo pondered over a little body and suddenly burst into a crackling sound. His body became taller and his flesh swelled, even his facial features changed!
In a flash, Su Mo became a strong man with a rough face and heavy eyes, and there was no delicate color.
Fox stole a glance and was dumbfounded directly.
"How did you change a person in the blink of an eye?"
"I must be asleep …"
Fox doesn’t believe rubbing his eyes to see it again.
Still the same result
Fox was a little scared when he saw the stranger, but in a flash she calmed down and looked at Su Mo curiously with her head tilted.
Although Su Mo’s appearance has changed, his unique flavor has not changed.
These days, the little fox depends on him all day, and he is most familiar with this smell.
Su Mo pulled out a coarse linen suit from the bag.
This time, he intends to compete for Zhu Guo as a Shenhuang Islander!
At the beginning, in the ancient battlefield, Su Mo once killed the Liuli Palace and the detective taught the monks to count.
And the two super clans of Liuli Palace and Dunsha Sect are in the north!
Su Mo is not clear whether the birth of Zhu Guo will disturb these two super-clansmen.
But he knows that there will be a fierce battle in a while!
If you don’t hide your identity, even if you can get Zhu Guo, you will get into big trouble yourself, and the whole northern region won’t be him
The safest way is to compete for Zhu Guo as a native of Shenhuang Island.
Get away from Zhu Guo, and then recover. No one can trace his head!
What’s more, the identity of Shenhuang Island people has offended many top forces, and there are not many enemies.
Of course, in this way, many possible means of revealing identity can no longer be used.
Such as the ancient dragon’s tactic to cover the moon bow, the blood quenching knife and even the panlong seal can’t be sacrificed
Twenty-seven extremely flying swords have been successfully cast these days, but the candlelight sword array is too dazzling to be released easily.
On the surface, Su Mo lacks these means and its strength is greatly reduced.
But in fact, Su Mo will be even more terrible when fellow practitioners dressed in Xuanjinsijia Fairy Demon incarnate as Shenhuang Islander!
That makes the whole wild continent shake the eternal Uber, that haunts the sky for several days, and my mind can’t swing away like a nightmare, and it’s coming to the north!
Little fox seems to feel something when he looks at the murderous Sumo.
Su Mo turned around and looked at the clever little fox around him, but he said softly, "I have to go."
I’m afraid it’s hard to come back after this departure
He will escape from the ruins of Dagan for the first time and will not set foot here easily.
Fox’s dark eyes on the wafer gradually faded, and his little face hung slightly, which could not hide his loss.
She used to be Sumo in her heart, but she has always lived here.
Compared with this side, the outside world is narrow, but it is happy and sad.
I don’t feel lonely when someone is with Fox.
Now Su Mo is leaving, leaving her alone.
Sumo thought for a moment and asked, "Do you want to leave with me?"
Fox looked confused and said nothing.
Having lived here for decades, she has been used to everything here.
Every rock and every corner left her breath.
Although the mother over there is quiet, she always calms down when she sees her mother’s fox.
This is like her home.
Fox never wanted to leave.
Even though she was imprisoned by the Red Crocodile, she was thinking that one day she could drive the Red Crocodile away instead of leaving by herself.