An old quasi-emperor was shocked by Lu Chen’s powerful qi and blood when he was shocked to watch the apocalypse.
He saw that Lu Chen was crossing the quasi-emperor’s fourth heaven and heading for the quasi-emperor’s fifth heaven, but the threat of Lu Chen’s breath seemed to be comparable to that of the quasi-emperor’s sixth heaven.
"But this is … blind alley? No one can fight with so many emperors in the same world. "
A tianjiao said with a trembling voice, and Lu Chen’s momentum is getting higher and higher as he stepped forward. The soul of the Milky Way is like a galaxy hovering forever.
Forty-nine great emperors, ancient emperors, all made moves together, and Lu Chen also made a knife.
This knife crosses the Milky Way and cuts the sky in reverse, as if to fight a way out in the corner.
Extremely fierce and majestic, it’s like breaking the cloud nine!
And shocked everyone, many taboo killing methods flooded into Liu Chen, but in the end, the heads were staggered, and some actually collided and did not directly hit Liu Chen.
Lu Chen’s foot on the line is secret in the square foot, and he rushes out of the knife from the killing of thousands of ways. The snow falls vertically and horizontally, accompanied by the loneliness of the lonely master of the ages
This knife cuts to the chaotic ancient emperor, the Western Emperor and the Wanlong Emperor, and the life and death are reversed!
Three ancient emperors were cut off in the grand fireworks in the universe!
"PSST-Liu Chen is going against it! ? Not only has he not lost the will to fight, but he wants to kill the ancient emperor! "
Some people gasped and retreated far away because the fate of the quasi-emperor was too violent
Don’t say that many of them have not yet reached the Great Sage. Even a quasi-emperor, a five-heaven senior, who is close to the battle, may be killed by the aftermath of many ancient emperors’ forbidden killing methods.
This apocalypse is so huge that even if Lu Chen has a pattern of deceiving the sky, he can hide it, and the whole universe can feel it, and finally it has attracted the attention of Beidou’s life forbidden zone
"There is no ancient and modern … Is this Wu Shen style?"
An ancient statue also felt some regrets after waking up, because there were traces of his own way in it.
He looked at his humanoid flash and remembered how high-spirited he was when he was young, just like that humanoid flash, but now he is old and there is not much time to live.
"It’s worse than chaos. We can’t wait for him to break into the quasi-emperor’s cloud nine."
A respected critic also saw his own human form flashing in the thunder robbery. The siege of the forty-nine emperors could not kill the young man at the first time. Even if he identified himself with the enemy in ancient and modern times, he did not want to see Liu Chenda.
At this time, there is a view that the awakening ancient deities happen to coincide, that is, Wu Shen’s body is different from Eucharist’s body, and the accomplishment of ascended a heaven can definitely rival the contemporary emperor rather than challenge him.
"That kind of knife seems to involve cause and effect and gave him a move, otherwise he would have been killed at the first blow."
An ancient deity in Shenxu said, "Interesting, I wonder whether it is weaker or stronger than the times?"
"It’s just that I realized some pleasing cause and effect, and I think it’s not enough to live in this apocalypse."
There are ancient emperors who sneer at the 30 emperors of all ages, and none of them is simple cause and effect. The knife is really strong, but it also bullies the dull sky and robs people.
Besides, humanoid flash won’t always make the same mistake. Which way will be simple, the cruel emperor or the great emperor, when it has the intention of breaking the causal knife and reversing the Gankun method?
Ancient deities woke up at this time and looked at Lu Chen’s doom and did not choose to make moves. According to their calculations, it has been a year or two since they became immortal. Nothing is more important than becoming immortal.
All their strength will be left to Chengxian Road. Lu Chen is just robbing the Emperor of the Five Heavens every day. Even after that, there is no threat to them. Besides, according to this situation, Lu Chen has little hope in the past.
They didn’t fall asleep again, but watched the apocalypse, mainly because their own human forms made him want to see it very much.
And Lu Chen also noticed that these eyes were stained with blood and chose to eat a hard blow. The virtual emperor attacked and killed a knife and cut it to a restricted area. The humanoid flash would be cut in half from head to toe.
Then regicide sword spirit vertical and horizontal blackwater Xuan snake broke away from the master’s hand and violated the angle of human body’s output to cut out a knife to block the three taboo killing methods behind him. Lu Chen stepped on the line and secretly grabbed an ancient emperor in the restricted area with his hands flashing, and the force was split in the vertical and horizontal stars!
Between life and death, Liu Chen dodged two taboo killing methods, and his left hand was used to kill immortals, which scattered several times. He attacked him and looked at Beidou first, as if he had perceived someone watching him.
In the forbidden area, the ancient venerable men angered a big ant one after another. They just chopped and killed them, and the humanoid flash provoked them to look at them. Really, when they were unwilling to move their strength, did they kill him at this time? ?
And those who are more emotional than the forbidden area are those who watch Lu Chen’s ancient road in Du Jie Tianjiao.
"Going against the sky, going against the sky, Lu Chen is really going against the sky!"
"Does he really want to break the spell and go against the sky? Even the forty-nine emperors robbed him of his pervert!"
Have tianjiao exclaim feeling Liu Chen is too outrageous.
At this time, just as Lu Chen had just struck the virtual emperor, the flying fairy force struck behind him.
Cause and effect knife surge, but the amazing woman behind her has returned to her original position after a palm deviation, and will migrate back and fall straight to Liu Chen’s head!
Lu Chen heard a bell ringing, and his intuitive scalp was numb. His causal knife didn’t fail, but it was returned to the starting point by the great emperor’s magic. This is a causal confrontation!
What’s worse is that a five-color Jack nife strikes and a majestic figure runs parallel. It’s the immortal emperor’s human form flash!
At the same time, the four masters of the world of mortals series flashed at Lu Chen, and there was a great emperor’s forbidden operation to resolve Lu Chen’s causal knife. The cruel emperor Wanhua Shengjue Lu Chen always made the causal knife fail this time!
Lu Chen took a knife to kill the king and cut it to the emperor. The emperor did not die. Jack nife the Great did not attack directly, but the forbidden art made Lu Chen avoid it
At this critical juncture, Lu Chen-zhou incarnates Tai Chi, Yin and Yang, and embraces his body. Forty-nine Taoist seals hover around his body, and the secret words of the soldiers shake his body. He has an eternal intention to fight hard against the cruel emperor Fei Xian, and he has no way out.
But at this moment, a tremor dispersed in his whole body. It was the secret amount of the Buddha who interfered with Lu Chen’s defense
The vicious emperor Fei Xian definitely hit Lu Chen’s head, and the immortal emperor Jack nife broke through Lu Chen’s knife and the three strong men forbidden to kill Lu Chen.
Lu Chen’s whole body exploded. This is the first time that he has been smashed in the apocalypse since Emperor Wudi cut the Taoist border.
"Lu Chen was blown up!"
Have tianjiao exclaim.
"Alas, it is simply impossible to survive the natural disaster. Who can stop those blows through the ages?"
An old quasi-emperor sighed and Liu Chen felt sorry for the cruel emperor, the emperor not to mention the immortal emperor and the emperor Zun, who were all figures in the mythical era.