Through the calendar for 154 years
Kunlun immortals prepare for the revolution in the physical world.
After three years of thorough investigation
Seeing the physical world is the standard feudal dynasty social form.
At that time, the semi-slave and semi-feudal system in Qijie was different.
This world is just the beginning of the Great Yan Dynasty, which is in the most prosperous life cycle of a dynasty-less than 200 years after the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the land contradiction has not been highlighted, and the monarch is very virtuous. According to the estimation of 74, the normal situation of the Great Yan Dynasty can last for more than 100 years.
Forced social revolution without intensified class contradictions will undoubtedly cause more bloodshed and sacrifice.
Besides, it’s a wonderful thing that people’s hearts are turned against each other. Now it’s been a long time since the days were peaceful. Although Kunlun Immortals have mastered higher productivity and stronger combat effectiveness, it takes less time and longer to evaluate the chances of launching the dynasty revolution.
Therefore, we can’t choose the same strategy in this strategy.
"Because we have to deal with the possible counterattack of the flesh fairy, we should master the Terran countermeasures as soon as possible. The group suggested that the form of strong system dynasty change should be adopted to gain the recognition of this world." 74 said to Lin Chong
"What …?" Lin Chong felt as if it was time to need him.
"I need you to rule this world in the name of Daohuang" 74 said.
There’s nothing to say about organizational needs
Even if Lin Chong is still trapped in the world, the eggs have to go out first.
Looking for the source of botulism and countermeasures, there are two kinds of research at the same time, and corresponding results have been obtained
Kunlun immortals brought a drop of Lin Chongzun’s blood into the physical world.
Through this drop of blood, Lin Chong has been bred a botulism doppelganger in the past three years-Lin Chong has seen that doppelganger, and he doesn’t want to admit that it is his botulism form, which is disgusting.
By the way, botulism is an opponent to the earth, but it is also a set of energy bodies with great characteristics. The two ideas of eliminating it and making it go hand in hand.
At present, Lin Chong’s design of Botox doppelganger is the most preliminary achievement. If this achievement can be promoted to the whole Kunlun immortals, it means that all Kunlun immortals have one extra life, even a few extra lives, and they can get a kind of props to and from the heavens and the earth.
Lin Chong believes that the most powerful feature is that the earth language can quickly absorb other people’s thinking, technology, metaphysics and physical ability
It’s like the Jin Xian shell of former Lin Chong, which has the ability to win all the laws in the world.
Earthly egg
"Want to go out?" Lin Chongwen loves him very much.
"Where are you going?" Love seems a little absent-minded. According to 74 reports, another love in Qijie is shopping after the rain.
Real God loves to have thousands of incarnations and everyone can do different things, which is much better than Lin Chong.
"Go outside the earthly egg" said Lin Chong.
"What are the conditions?" I love asking her directly, so I don’t believe Lin Chong will give her benefits for no reason.
"At the right time, I’ll lend you an umbrella to cover Tianbao. At a more appropriate time, I’ll call several pick-Jin-Xian-level monty into this egg …" Lin Chong said.
"Yes ~ I promise you ~ Now let me out ~" I love being coy.
"Do you mean to promise or not?" Lin chong frowned.
"Yeah, don’t daydream too much," he said lazily
"Anyway, when do you think about these two conditions when I will save you out … ~" Lin Chongchao waved his hand very much.
Overseas fairy island launched two realms.
So a brilliance in the earthly eggs swept past the net that had been tied like a great love, and Lin Chong suddenly disappeared. Instead, a fairy who looked like a cactus was a huge human stick covered with spikes, which was a bit disgusting.
"Ah ~" loves to stare big eyes. What is this spell? She immediately looked at the history of this world and saw the Kunlun fairy, the two worlds, and the life day. Even she couldn’t help thinking to herself, "It’s really worthy that I have a crush on men in this desperate world ~"
"Do you want to make a bet?" Lin Chong, who loves patting cactus around him, conveniently pulled off a meat thorn of cactus.
Cried the blood flowing like a note.
Also got the attention of the doll god.
Looking at the huge, 10-story-high doll, God crawled from the net of the egg like a predatory spider, and he loved it very much by holding up a little red oiled paper umbrella and covering himself with cactus.
Baby God suddenly lost his goal and left in disappointment.
"Want to? No? Want it? Don’t? " I love pulling cactus thorns one by one
Chapter six hundred and fifteen Spirit and flesh boundary method
Lin Chong came back alive from a piece of solution.
This is a pale red solution pool.
Every drop of liquid is a combination of botulinum lingshi 2.
"Ahem …"
Lin Chong coughed and popped out of the water. At once, several Kunlun immortals in white coats came and helped him out of the solution pool and handed him a big towel.
"Physical integrity" was reported.
"Conscious response is complete" Someone took a mysterious photo of Lin Chong’s pupil with a very bright sun.
"Seal …" Someone looked at Lin Chongshen’s idea that the seal was "pa" and put a dose of plaster on his arm. "The seal is loose and there is a trace of radiation overflowing. Comrade Mountain Soldiers should improve themselves."