The red-haired ghost sneered, "Don’t be reasonable. If they want a little face, don’t be ashamed to come to the door!" "
The old monk is silent
Red hair ghost shrugged his shoulders and casually said, "Whatever! I really don’t want to care about this matter! Anyway, it’s your Terran business that always ends up at leisure. "
"Besides, this little dragon has gone to the dragon. It’s better for him to be dead, so this little dragon is pure! Hahahaha! "
The red-haired ghost laughed and shook his tall body into the depths of the cemetery, and gradually disappeared into the darkness with a chain ring.
The old monk looked at Su Mo, the dark-haired Yuan God, and smiled kindly. "Pack up and come with me."
Su Mo nodded.
There’s nothing to tidy up, just pick up the bag and leave.
But he turned to look at the ground, scattered pieces of lotus stems, broken lotus leaves and the bare and dim lotus stand, and suddenly he felt a twinge of disappointment.
This big robbery is not too big for him!
If the dragon really goes to the Dragon Skeleton Valley to practice, it will be even more horrible if it can be restored to its original state, which is considered as every cloud has a silver lining’s future combat power!
But it’s a pity that it’s this creature violet.
This statue of violet has been with him for more than a hundred years, and he has been pregnant for more than a hundred years. He has just grown into six and suffered such a big blow when he entered the mature stage.
It’s almost impossible to get pregnant again.
Pondering over a little Sumo, I decided to put these broken lotus stems and leaves away and put them in a bag a little bit.
Su Mo was light when he picked up the bare lotus stand.
This blue lotus stand is intact without any scars.
Although the petals of the lotus stand have fallen, there are still 54 lotus seeds in it, and they are still emitting a faint glow, leaving a ray of vitality!
Chapter one thousand and fifty-three Great power
Emperor Yin’s body has fallen into the shadow of his ancestors, and the strong ones have to kill the wild weapons!
I don’t know if I live or die when I escape from the wilderness.
It’s only three days since these things passed.
The whole fix true world is boiling, and almost every monk and clan force is talking about it!
I don’t know how a message gradually
Bury the dragon at the bottom of the valley
On this day, four uninvited guests came to the ruins.
An old man’s face is wrinkled but his eyes are sharp!
The other monk looks young and seems to be a teenager, but there is a vicissitudes of life in his eyes.
The third is a middle-aged man with a dignified look and bright eyes, surrounded by thunder and rolling around!
The fourth is a woman with a long sword, with sharp eyes and a sharp edge as if she could cut heaven and earth in two!
Four uninvited guests, one old, one young, one man and one woman.
The four people look different and have different temperament, but they have one thing in common-great fit!
The old man comes from plough religion.
Teenagers look young, and thousands of them are from Yuan Zong.
Men from fenglei temple and women from jianzong.
No one who can cultivate to this level is a famous person. When four people meet, they have to exchange greetings.
"It turns out that this is the great empire."
Yuan Zong boy looked around and looked smart.
Mixed Yuan Zong is located in Zhongzhou, and he has just stepped into the fit environment, which is the first time to come here.
"It’s a pity that the empire was so prosperous 10,000 years ago, and it fell into ruins overnight!" The highest plough teach elders said simply
"I heard that it was destroyed by a dragon?"
Yuan Zong boy asked.
It is quite a Uber that he stepped into the realm of harmony a few years ago.